Musicians are at the heart of what we do at Spitfire Audio, and we take pride in looking after them. Since 2007, you have helped us pay millions to the musicians who have performed on our libraries.

We also support over half a million music makers around the world with free sounds, step-by-step videos on scoring to picture and career advice from the best in the business.

Over $16M paid in royalties

Right from our very first sample library, we have always believed in paying musicians not just for their time, but also royalties on their recordings. 

So whenever you invest in a Spitfire Audio library, every musician who played on that library receives a royalty payment. This includes many of our synthesised and textural libraries, which are often based on acoustic recordings. We also pay royalties to our collaborators, such as the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Ólafur Arnalds.

Over $3M spent booking musicians

During library recording sessions, we pay musicians for their time at top industry rates. And we are proud to say that we work with many of London’s finest orchestral session musicians, year after year.

As well as individual session musicians, we also regularly book groups of musicians from acclaimed orchestras, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra and London Contemporary Orchestra

Over $4M hiring studios, equipment and engineers

When it’s not being used to record major Hollywood film scores, AIR Studios in London is often buzzing with Spitfire staff and musicians working on our next library. 

We record our libraries using the same techniques and equipment as Oscar-winning scores. So as well as booking the finest studios, we also hire the best microphones and recording equipment available – and, of course, the most talented and experienced engineers to operate them. 

1% of annual turnover to community projects

Every year, we donate 1% of our total company income to people and organisations doing good things that we believe in. 

These include charity partners and organisations such as Safer LondonMagic Breakfast and Saffron, as well as grants and bursaries to schemes like Tileyard Education and the Abram Wilson Foundation, who nurture and encourage music industry talent.

Over 16 million free libraries downloaded

Our free LABS range of virtual instruments has now been downloaded by more than 1m composers, musicians and producers worldwide, and used on everything from bedroom demos through to Beyoncé records

LABS instruments are easy to use and compatible with all major music making software – from Garageband to Pro Tools.

Hundreds of free videos on composing

Every month, our team of in-house composers create a wide range of step-by-step videos on different aspects of writing music – particularly scoring for film, TV and games. 

These videos are all free to view, and cater to a wide variety of experience levels.

You can find them at Spitfire Audio Academy and on our YouTube channel.

Inspiring future bookings for musicians

Professional composers around the world use Spitfire Audio sounds to write major film and TV scores. In the majority of cases, these scores are then recorded by booking musicians to perform them.

At the same time, thousands of aspiring composers and producers are discovering the magic of orchestral instruments using our libraries. The most talented of these will go on to become the next generation of professional composers – and commission musicians to record their scores.