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BBC Symphony Orchestra

The heart of British music

BBC Symphony Orchestra represents a new standard in orchestral sampling. A whole orchestra at your fingertips, spanning strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. With three editions to choose from, each fully interoperable, BBCSO is a universal starting point for music creators of every level – from those just starting out to professional composers.

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The universal starting point

Start writing music with the world-famous BBC Symphony Orchestra. 33 instruments brought to life inside our free, easy-to-use plugin, compatible with any major music creation software – from Garageband to Pro Tools.



The broadcast standard

Our most expansive and ambitious project to date, this landmark library is the stuff of composing dreams: strings, brass, woodwind and percussion, presented in our award-winning dedicated plugin.



The new gold standard

Including three editions interchangeable through our groundbreaking mode-switching technology, BBCSO Professional is our definitive orchestral library, offering everything you need to produce world-class orchestral scores.

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