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Welcome to Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio logo, woman sat at a desk in front of a MIDI keyboard and monitor, woodwind section in AIR Studios

We make sounds for musicians

Whether you’re a professional composer already, or a keen first-time user, we create the best virtual instruments on the globe to suit your needs.

Download the Spitfire Audio app and begin your scoring journey today. Learn more.

Beautiful UIs to enhance your experience

Manipulate exceptional instruments, performed by world-class musicians, with the touch of a key.

Since the beginning of Spitfire Audio, we’ve created over 100 sample libraries that are compatible with all major DAWs, many of which are housed in our own, beautifully designed, dedicated plugin.

BBCSO Discover and Appassionata plugin interfaces

LABS plugin

Getting started

If you’re new to music making, check out our guide on how to get started with our LABS range. We’ll take you through the basics and beyond, so you can create with confidence and ease.

Various Spitfire collaborators, including Hans Zimmer, Henrietta Smith-Rolla, Olafur Arnalds and Eric Whitacre
AIR Studios, Abbey Road Studios and Maida Vale Studios

Get guidance from our in-house experts

We’ve made hundreds of videos to provide step-by-step techniques on a variety of topics, such as orchestration, composing for media, working with musicians and navigating the music industry, as well as many that explore our own sample libraries.

Visit our YouTube Channel to explore these videos and more, made by the Spitfire Audio composing team.

Spitfire Audio expert composers, Homay Schmitz and Oliver Patrice Weder

Explore some of our most popular videos

Engineers and musicians working in the studio

Supporting the industry

Every time you purchase a Spitfire Audio library, the musicians we recorded receive a royalty. The same goes for the composers, studios, engineers and organisations we collaborate with to create new libraries. When combined, these royalties now total over £18m. Learn more.

Get expert advice

Start conversations with like-minded composers in our growing community. Gain insights directly from the Spitfire Audio team, whether you’re troubleshooting an issue or in need of orchestration tips - we’re here to help.

Some community discussion groups: General, Tech Talk and Virtual Instruments