The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---

You can’t have escaped the battle cry of shoppers and retailers across the world last weekend as Black Friday and Cyber Monday took hold for another year. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, we did our fair share of price slashing, but this year we attempted to go one step further. We decided to celebrate the thriving community of music composers in which we inhabit, by hosting a series of events and livestreams that we thought you’d all enjoy. Now, unless you took time off just for the weekend, or you’re amongst our most dedicated supporters, you might not have seen it all and so here it is, all bundled neatly into our latest Journal. We hope you enjoy this veritable feast - Christian and Paul getting a grilling from viewers during their live Q&A, Harry building a library in a day (which is free to download, by the way), plus much more.