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Beginners Guide to Composing

Our in-house composer, Homay, gives tips and tricks for beginner music makers, shares her favourite libraries to get started with, and writes a composition you can download below for a closer look.

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Great for Beginners

Homay for Academy

Workflow Tips for Beginners

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Homay takes you through some tips and tricks in Logic which she wishes she had known earlier. Great for anyone starting out with Logic or any DAW.

Dan Keen - Getting started with Albion One

How to Get Started with Albion One

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In this beginner-friendly tutorial, Dan Keen shows us how to avoid that all-too-common blank-screen syndrome with this step-by-step scoring session using Albion One.

Louis Rugg at his desk

Exploring Theme with BBCSO Core

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Louis Rugg explores theme with the BBC Symphony Orchestra by drawing upon inspiration from renowned video game composer Nobuo Uematsu, and also demonstrates some of the differences between BBCSO and Abbey Road ONE: Orchestral Foundations.

Homay talking into microphone

Start Your Scoring Journey with Originals

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Homay takes us through her demo written using libraries from our Originals series — a collection of essential cinematic ingredients at only £29 / $29 / 29€ each.