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Definition: Late 19th century: from Latin collaborat- ‘worked with’, from the verb collaborare, from col- ‘together’ + laborare ‘to work’.

The competitive nature of this industry doesn’t encourage composers to share experiences and practices with one another, but it’s surprising how inspiring - even revelatory - it can be for us to find common ground with each other and contribute towards a wider discussion. In this month's Journal, we have taken inspiration from our collaboration with the Bleeding Fingers Music team on the creation of Orchestral Swarm. We take a trip to L.A. to visit the Bleeding Fingers guys at their studio complex, for a very special Collaborative Spaces edit. Pascal talks to composer Ben Salisbury about scoring for nature documentaries and working alongside Geoff Barrow (Portishead) on scores for films such as Ex Machina. We have a brand new Creative Cribs with composer Carly Paradis. Oliver sheds light on some of the best ways to set up a Pro Tools session for a recording, and Christian visits his favourite loudspeaker company Harbeth Loudspeakers, for a tour of their factory. We also introduce Spitfire Audio's Bursary Student, Haula, and chat about how she is finding life at Tileyard Education so far. 

For now, relax and watch, listen and read, but afterwards maybe give your friend a message and get creating!