The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---The Black Weekend Begins In ---:---:---

It seemed like we had only been at work for seconds before the monster that is NAMM loomed. Without time to make any New Year's resolutions we shipped the team and a large stand off to Anaheim. If there was one thing we would take home from those four wonderful days in LA, it would be that people are reading our Journals and watching our videos; even the ones where we eat and get drunk. We returned from this year's noise and gadget-fest resolute to continue making content for our monthly digestif! We were amazed that some of the Brits we spoke to had also noticed that we published the Journal just as the repeat of Match Of The Day airs on BBC Sunday mornings. We're pleased to say this is by calculation. So, for all you parents out there letting the other half sleep, here's the first Journal of the New Year - a very special year for us (more news on that soon). For the football (soccer) enthusiasts, see you in an hour and a half!