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Intermediate Guide to Composing

In this video Oliver shares his tips and tricks for intermediate composers looking to refine their writing and find their voice

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Creating a modern score

Creating a Modern Score

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Oliver shows us how to create modern scores that stand out, taking inspiration from scores like Dont Look Up and Squid Game.

Paul Thomson

Top Tips for Aspiring Composers

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Paul gives his feedback to the runners up from the Stargirl Scoring Competition. From the perspective of a senior composer, Paul shares his top tips and shows four emerging composers where they can improve in the future.

Dan Keen composing with Spitfire Chamber Strings

How to Add Focus to Your Music

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Composer Dan Keen shares how to add unparalleled focus to your music, featuring Spitfire Chamber Strings.

Writing music for horror

How To Write Music For Horror

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In a special spooky video, Louis shows us how to write music for horror.

Dan Keen for 5 Ways to Make Strings Sound More Cinematic

5 Ways to Make Strings Sound More Cinematic

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Dan Keen shares five top tips for adding cinematic flair to your string compositions, featuring Spitfire Symphonic Strings Professional.

Eric Whitacre Composing For Choir

How To Write A Choral Symphony

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Taking us through his Choral Symphony composition section by section, Louis explains how he wrote for orchestra with the choir in mind.


Homay gives tips and tricks for beginner music makers and writes a composition you can download for a closer look


Paul Thomson shares priceless knowledge from the perspective of an industry professional