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    From AIR Studios, to the edge of the world. We’ve collaborated with Hans Zimmer’s prestigious scoring collective Bleeding Fingers Music (Frozen Planet II, Planet Earth II, Blue Planet II) and London’s finest string players to create a new kind of small ensemble library — featured in BBC’s Frozen Planet II.

    Fractured Strings introduces an innovative approach to articulations that offers inspirational surprises through intervallic performances and new modal colours, delivering unparalleled depth and realism. With these emotive musical gestures and our new Scale Mode technology, this library lends itself perfectly to cellular, ambient, and neoclassical composing — reflecting the intricacies, patterns and contrasts found in natural phenomena.

    Featuring an eight-piece string ensemble and two soloists, these sounds have been brought to life in the unparalleled acoustics of AIR Lyndhurst Hall, complete with 15 signal paths. With infinite intervallic possibilities, you can take these strings anywhere — to places of warmth, grit, darkness or light.

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    Our dedicated plugin

    Compatible with NKS

    8 string instruments

    Evo Grid & Scale Mode

    12 mics / 3 mixes

    Dedicated plugin

    Listen to Fractured Strings

    In creating Fractured Strings, we worked closely with the Spitfire team and London’s best players to represent the natural phenomena of splintering ice and the individuality of snowflakes in musical performances — creating a toolkit that became the foundation of our score for the show.

    James Everingham & Adam Lukas

    Composers (Frozen Planet II)

    "The true magic of sampling is creating sounds that are impossible to recreate in reality.” - Bleeding Fingers

    Elevate your scores with Scale Mode

    Introducing our new Scale Mode technology — select from any of the seven diatonic modes or build your own scale by simply clicking the notes you want included. From there, it intelligently selects the right samples that conform to the scale you’ve entered, split by velocity, developing their intervallic string techniques and triggering wider intervals at higher velocities for endless inspiration.

    Fractured Strings GUI

    The vast space of the hall really reflected the extremes that we were scoring in the natural world…

    James Everingham

    Bleeding Fingers Music

    AIR Studios microphones

    Blue Planet II


    Planet Earth II


    Frozen Planet II


    Emmy-winning and BAFTA-nominated Bleeding Fingers Music is an exciting, diverse composer collective, hand-selected and mentored by Hans Zimmer. They were awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition for BBC's Primates, Emmy nominations for BBC’s Planet Earth II and National Geographic's Being the Queen, plus two Webby awards for the BBC’s groundbreaking 13 Minutes To The Moon. Bleeding Fingers has created original music for productions including: National Geographic’s Documentary Film Apollo: Missions to the Moon; Around the World in 80 Days (BBC); Blue Planet II (BBC); Planet Earth II (BBC); Seven Worlds; One Planet (BBC); The Simpsons (Fox); Superfly (Sony Pictures); Diana: In Her Own Words (Nat Geo); The Planets (Nat Geo); Savage Kingdom (Nat Geo); Intervention (A&E); Alien Christmas (Netflix)’ Earth At Night In Color (Apple TV); The Real Right Stuff (Nat Geo); Prehistoric Planet (Apple TV+); and more. In recent years they have found innovative ways to bring mainstream musicians into the scoring world, collaborating with artists such as Radiohead, Sia, Muse, Foals, Aurora and X Ambassadors. Hailing from eight countries, the Bleeding Fingers composers embrace and nurture their wide-ranging musical identities to deliver a sonic depth that is second to none. Housed in state-of-the-art studios on Hans Zimmer’s world-renowned Santa Monica campus and supported by a best-in-class creative production team, Bleeding Fingers produces music at the very highest standard.

    Creating these instruments in partnership with Spitfire Audio is what sets our scores apart on tentpole projects like those for the BBC Natural History Unit.

    Russell Emanuel

    Co-Founder & CEO, Bleeding Fingers Music

    SA x Bleeding Fingers

    What's included


    • 4 Violin
    • 4 Celli
    • Solo Violin
    • Solo Cello


    NEW — Scale Mode

    Select from any of the seven diatonic modes or build your own scale by simply clicking the notes you want included

    Evo Grid

    Allowing the user to map multiple instrument articulations and sounds across the keyboard for ease of use. Use classic evo grid features like ‘randomise’ to find beautiful special accidents


    42 Violin Fractures

    • Orchestral flourishes, covering 10 varieties of chords

    54 Violin Articulations

    • 15 Statements (Up/Down/Same note)
    • 10 Splinters (Up/Down)
    • 14 Rotations (Up/Down)
    • 7 Dispersals
    • 3 Declamatory Shorts
    • 2 Pizzicato Strums
    • 3 7th Reaches

    51 Cello Articulations

    • 15 Statements (Up/Down/Same note)
    • 10 Splinters (Up/Down)
    • 14 Rotations (Up/Down)
    • 7 Dispersals
    • 3 Declamatory Shorts
    • 2 Pizzicato Strums

    9 Solo Violin Articulations

    • Arpeggios across a range of chords

    9 Solo Cello Articulations

    • Arpeggios across a range of chords

    12 signal paths

    • Tree
    • Outriggers
    • Ambient
    • Stereo Mix
    • Stereo Ribbon Mix
    • Gallery
    • Close Valve
    • Close Ribbon
    • Close Ultra
    • Close Valve Wide Pan
    • Close Ribbon Wide Pan
    • Close Ultra Wide Pan


    • Big Mix
    • Medium Mix
    • Small Mix



    How does your dedicated plugin work?

    Our dedicated plugin libraries work as standalone instruments in your DAW, meaning that no serial number is provided and the authorisation process happens during your download. We provide an AU, VST2, VST3 and an AAX, so as long as your chosen DAW supports one of those plugin formats, you’re good to go.

    Is this product available with an educational discount?

    Yes, this library will be available with an educational discount. Request your educational discount here. 

    The Educational Discount will apply to the full RRP of the library, not the introductory offer, so any codes received during the promotional period will only “top up” the discount to 30%.

    During the Students and Educators promotion, educational discount is 50% off RRP. This offer ends 17th October 2022.

    Is there an available crossgrade on this library? 

    Yes, owners of Orchestral Swarm will get 30% discount on Fractured Strings RRP. This will be during the promotional period only and will end on October 13th 2022. 

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    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS X 10.13 to OS X 11

    Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 (quad-core), 8GB RAM

    Recommended: 2.8GHz i7 (six-core), 16GB RAM

    Intel and M1 Macs supported

    64-bit DAW Required (32 bit DAWs not supported)

    PC system requirements

    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 (latest Service Pack, 64-bit)

    Minimum: Intel Core 2.8GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM

    Recommended: Intel 2.8GHzi7 (six-core) or AMD R7 2700, 16GB RAM

    64-bit DAW required (32-bit DAWs not supported)

    File size

    88.1 GB download size

    88.1 GB disk space required during install

    Fractured Strings sounds great with…