Spitfire Symphony Orchestra – Now available as an all-in-one plugin

Film Scoring

The perfect partnership

Spitfire Solo Strings is the perfect accompaniment to the cinematic power of Albion ONE. These libraries are used together more often than any other pair of Spitfire products. Spitfire Solo Strings enables you to add nuance, depth and detail to your compositions, as well as breathtaking levels of realism. Strings are at the heart of almost every cinematic score, and you will use them in the majority of your scoring adventures. Solo Strings gives you first-call virtuoso London players that will rise above the force of the Albion ONE orchestra. Both libraries are recorded in the same space, making these two a powerful sonic duo.

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A world of possibilities

Spitfire Scoring Essentials brings together the instant cinematic power of Albion ONE, the stunning realism of Solo Strings and the remarkable beauty of Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions. These three products blend together beautifully, offering you a whole world of sonic possibilities. £729. A collaboration with the BAFTA-winning Icelandic composer, Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions helps you quickly create long passages of spellbinding music with just a few sustained notes. It adds a new level of magic to your compositions and helps you create the kind of inspiring, dynamic textures that today’s directors are looking for.

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The full ensemble

Featuring Orchestral Swarm and Hans Zimmer Percussion, this stunning suite includes a wealth of sounds from the master of film scoring himself. Together, these libraries provide breadth of sound only available to today’s finest composers. Created for Blue Planet II, Orchestral Swarm is a collaboration with Hans Zimmer’s music production company Bleeding Fingers Music. It gives your compositions a liquid dynamic that dances along to the picture. Hans Zimmer Percussion expands on the percussion within Albion ONE, providing monumental levels of depth and power for epic and emotional cinematic moments.

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