NEW TO ABBEY ROAD ONE — Sparkling Woodwinds & Legendary Low StringsNEW TO ABBEY ROAD ONE — Sparkling Woodwinds & Legendary Low Strings

There is an upgrade path between BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover, Core and Professional. The price you pay to upgrade from one edition to another is simply the price difference between the two products at the point of purchase. Owners of any edition can view their price by ensuring they are logged in to our website then clicking ‘Add to Cart’ on the edition they wish to upgrade to.

The BBC Symphony Orchestra series presents a new standard in orchestral sampling — a whole orchestra of the highest quality, at your fingertips. A universal starting point designed for music creators of every level, from those just starting out, to professional composers, it comes in three editions

Each edition is fully interchangeable through Spitfire’s innovative mode switching technology, making it easier than ever to share and collaborate with fellow composers, regardless of which edition they own.