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BBC Symphony Orchestra Piano

The universal piano

Our most detailed and versatile piano to date, BBCSO Piano faithfully captures the live concert sound of a stunning Steinway Model D grand, recorded at the iconic home of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Maida Vale Studios — also host to The Beatles, Hendrix, Bowie, and countless film scores. Whether paired with the orchestra or played as a standalone instrument, BBCSO Piano promises to provide a rich, authentic piano sound suited to any genre.

Presented in our award-winning, dedicated plugin — with three fully interchangeable editions to choose from — BBCSO offers a universal starting point for music creators of every level – from those just starting out, to professional composers.

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Left: BBCSO Piano Professional plugin interface. Top: The Piano surrounded by mics. Bottom: Pianist performing

Left: The piano keys. Right: BBCSO Piano Core plugin

Left: BBCSO Discover plugin. Right: The full orchestra with piano.

Like all my favourite Spitfire products, it just sounds so good from the first note you play! I always like to personalise the sounds I use so the extra control and mic positions in BBC Symphony Orchestra Piano Professional go a long way to making this possible.

Segun Akinola

Doctor Who, 9/11: Inside the President’s War Room, Stephen

Microphones over the piano

Mode Switching

It’s now easier than ever to share and collaborate with fellow composers, collaborators and directors — whatever edition of BBCSO Piano you own. Our groundbreaking mode switching technology makes each edition of BBCSO Piano and BBC Symphony Orchestra interchangeable, so you can mock up your scores quickly and with ease.

For composers on the go or with a limited technical setup, start writing a piece of music using Discover, and finish it in the Core or Professional edition, with a fuller range of signals, controls and versatility. It also works the other way around: write a piece in the Professional edition and a collaborator can open it in Discover, play what you’ve written (with the sounds intelligently substituted), and add to it. When you reopen their edited version, you will hear their additions alongside your original composition – with your full selection of signals.

Modeswitching graphic, moving seamlessly between a desktop computer to a less powerful laptop.
Left: The strings inside the piano with mics in the background.
Left: "The British Broadcasting Corporation" sign. Top right: A wide image of the studio, filled with empty chairs and microphones. Bottom right: A violin and bow resting on a chair.

BBCSO Template Tutorials and Demos

Free templates and more

Access our knowledge base of how-to videos, key features and more for BBC Symphony Orchestra, and download templates for your DAW of choice — consistently updated with exciting new material.

Paul Thomson playing piano. BBCSO Piano GUI overlaid.

BBC Symphony Orchestra Piano — Walkthrough

Writing for Piano Orchestra with The BBCSO Collection

Writing for Piano and Orchestra with BBCSO

3 monitors with a MIDI keyboard in front. Project open in Logic Pro X using BBCSO.

'Gravitational Waves' by Andy Blaney ft. BBC Symphony Orchestra & Piano