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The world synthesizer

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  • The world synthesizer

    Sometimes a score needs more than an orchestra. Now updated with 50 new presets and NKS compatibility, Orbis offers over 2500 extraordinary sounds, born out of organic performances, then treated and transported to epic new dimensions. Perfect for the progressively-minded composer, the sounds in this gargantuan creative compendium range from distorted loops to evolving textures and visceral one-shots; subsonic low-end to ethereal pads.

    Ideal for producing rich-sounding, panoramic scores, Orbis reimagines the work of global sonic explorer David Fanshawe. Over 4 decades, Fanshawe travelled the globe to capture rare, beautiful performances from different cultures, previously unrecorded. Our sophisticated eDNA engine enables you to mix and manipulate these unique sounds to create an almost infinite set of creative possibilities.

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    Our dedicated plugin

    Compatible with NKS

    World synthesizer

    2500+ sounds

    eDNA synth engine

    Dedicated plugin

    Listen to Orbis

    Features Orbis only


    Features Orbis only

    Drum & bass contextual

    David Fanshawe Instrument
    David Fanshawe Instrument
    David Fanshawe Instrument

    Orbis gives you much more than organic field recordings —
    90% of the library is made up of treated content, created from the clean recordings by our expert team of engineers in our own journey of sonic discovery. Our eDNA engine provides you with endless parameters and possibilities to enhance every sound even further. Discover hundreds of sounds, treated in various different ways using our expertise and technology, with every sound run through 3000 lines of code. Some have been subtly manipulated, while others heavily processed, unrecognisable from their original source material. From playable one shots and short phrases to tuned and untuned rhythmic loops and recordings up to a minute long, discover sounds with subtle movement, complexity and evolution. Throbbing basses and pulsing loops, ideal for dance music; thunderous drones, subsonic low-end and visceral, tortured drum hits, for adding movement and depth; Blade Runner-style synths, made from antelope horns, and ethereal pads and breathtakingly beautiful evolving textures, for three dimensional cinematic soundscapes. Designed to take you to new levels of sonic exploration and adventure, this library offers you a lifetime of inspiration, and is an essential resource for any producer, composer or sound designer looking for that new sound or texture.

    EDNA engine

    eDNA Engine

    Orbis is presented in our bespoke eDNA Engine (as in our eDNA Earth library), the very latest in sonic sculpting technology offering you endless opportunities to manipulate each sound beyond our own treatments. The engine is now housed in our dedicated plugin, which loads direct into any DAW for even more control. We’ve also created a new user friendly search function with fully tagged searchable content, so you can browse by type of sound, by country, or by instrument.

    Imagine the eDNA engine as a set of two turntables and a highly sophisticated DJ mixer. It contains two sound bays, each designed to create differing sonic treatments, with individual and independent modulators, control of trim, bend, glide, cloning, tuning, ADSR, LPFs, HPFs and wobbles that modulate pitch, volume and filters. The gate sequencer allows independent gating between these two bays and unified control of amount, shape, speed and length of sequence. These two signals are then unified with a x-fader.

    Move between the sounds with the mouse or the factory-default assigned modulation wheel. We've also designed a custom script that oscillates the x-fader automatically with control over speed and phase, and eDNA's five-stage FX path contains 41 custom plugins, including bespoke IRs pre-loaded. There are two "layer FX" stages that affect sound A or B, plus an auxiliary FX stage that can be sent via the layers or master FX stage. Any parameter of these can be assigned for automation or assignment to your controller.

    David Fanshawe Records Lion Hunt Kenya

    Through the adventures of music and travel, I have been privileged to experience our world as a composer and musical explorer. It is my humble dream to go on sharing my aspirations with future generations through the legacy of my sound archives.

    David Fanshawe

    David Fanshawe recording

    His passion for travel, adventure and music started at an early age, and he first worked as a sound editor for the film industry. Although his dyslexia slowed his reading of musical scores, in 1965 he won a Foundation scholarship in composition to the Royal College of Music. He travelled widely in Europe and the Middle East, and while hitchhiking in Jerusalem he heard Islamic music for the first time and was immediately attracted to its beauty.

    On his next journey to Bahrain, he took a professional stereo tape recorder and recorded the renowned pearl divers. From 1969-74, he travelled up the Nile from the Mediterranean Sea to Lake Victoria, visiting Egypt, Sudan, Uganda Kenya and Tanzania, inviting many local musicians to be recorded, honouring their music in perpetuity. During a ten-year odyssey across the islands of the Pacific Ocean from 1978, Fanshawe collected hours of indigenous music, documenting the music and oral traditions of remote parts of Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia.

    Returning to the United Kingdom with several hundreds of hours of recordings, Fanshawe was inspired to use some of these in what would become his best-known choral work, African Sanctus, which has received hundreds of highly-acclaimed performances worldwide. He composed a number of choral and orchestral works, as well as over 50 scores for films and television and many album compilations. His organic field recordings have featured in countless TV documentaries and international feature films, and his work has also been the subject of a number of award-winning biographical documentaries.

    Bookshelf with orbis tapes

    Orbis Gate Sequencer

    Gate sequencer

    The gate sequencer allows independent gating between these two bays and unified control of amount, shape, speed and length of sequence.

    Orbis Fx


    This view allows you to control 32 different FX across each sound. It also gives you access to the master mix and aux sends.

    What's included


    • Each original sample is available in a variety of treatments, from the pure, original recording, to an ambient wash and right up to a chaotic distorted mess. Although the treatments appear throughout the product, each one has been tailored to the original sound, and so each one can sound unique and not every treatment is available on every sound.
    • Breakup
    • Clean
    • Dirt
    • Crunch/Low Crunch
    • Mess
    • Shimmer
    • Distant
    • Hollow
    • Metal Space
    • Stretched
    • Warm Hall
    • Slow Fizz
    • Space


    • A collection of loops named by country/region. Each key is a different loop, giving you a menu of options to play with. Great to find an authentic loop of an area as a starting point for a track
    • Atmos
    • Bell Stones (A)
    • Bell Stones (B)
    • China (A)
    • China (B)
    • China (C)
    • China (D)
    • China (E)
    • China (F)
    • China (G)
    • China (H)
    • China (I)
    • Dreams of Chengdu
    • Early Industrial 1
    • Early Industrial 2
    • Egypt
    • Hong Kong (A)
    • Hong Kong (B)
    • Hong Kong (C)
    • Hong Kong (D)
    • India (A)
    • India (B)
    • India (C)
    • India (D)
    • India (E)
    • Lights of Chengdu

    Loops (playable)

    • A selected set of loops split by instrument/recording, tuned to the keyboard and spread across the whole range. Allowing you to easily play the original material as well as adapt it with all the treatments applied. 
    • 8-bit Game
    • Afrika Sky
    • Akamba Witch Doctor
    • Analog Iz Us
    • Analog to Digital Flute
    • Baaro Saadhanake
    • Bagamoyo Sting
    • Balafon ConChacha
    • Balafon Solo 1
    • Balafon Solo 2
    • Bell Stone Rappa 11
    • Bell Stone Rappa 1A
    • Bell Stone Rappa 1B
    • Bell Stone Rappa 2
    • Bell Stone Rappa 3
    • Bell Stone Rappa 5
    • Bell Stone Rappa 6
    • Bell Stone Rappa 8
    • Bell Stone Rappa 9
    • Bronze Age Gongs
    • Carnival
    • Charusgeshi
    • Cheng Solo 1A
    • Cheng Solo 1B
    • Cheng Solo 1C
    • Cheng Solo 2A
    • Cheng Solo 3A
    • Cheng Solo 3B
    • Cheng Solo 4A
    • Cheng Solo 4B
    • Cheng Solo 4C
    • Cheng Solo 4D
    • Cheng Solo 5A
    • Cheng Solo 6A
    • Cheng Solo 6B
    • Cheng Solo 6C
    • Cheng Solo End 1A
    • Cheng Solo End 1B
    • Cheng Solo End 2A
    • Cheng Solo End 2B
    • Cheng Solo End 2C
    • Cheng Solo End 2D
    • Cheng Solo End 2E
    • Cheng Solo End 2F
    • Chigogo Animal Song
    • Chinese Flute
    • Circumcision Song
    • Coco Climbers Dance
    • Coco Pickers Song
    • Courtship Dance
    • Dehumaniser
    • Dodoma Zese
    • Enkasoi Gutteral
    • Factory
    • Ganoon Solo
    • Ganoon Solo Ending
    • Ganoon Zither
    • Ghostly
    • Heaven or Las Vegas
    • Hey Ley Ny-a-Ley
    • Hijokaidan's Loop Pedal
    • Ice Cubes
    • Kibugantit Moral
    • Kinanda Harp Solo
    • Kora Duet 1
    • Kora Duet 2
    • Kora Duo Song
    • Kudu Horn
    • Lake Manyara
    • Litungu Ngoma
    • Lukuji Medi Music
    • Lukuji Witchcraft
    • Luo Horns
    • Mahama Band
    • Mahama Mbira
    • Malabar Saz Meditate
    • Mamachor
    • Manora Bird 1A
    • Manora Bird 1B
    • Manora Bird 2A
    • Manora Bird 2B
    • Mansane Cisse
    • Marimba Sting 1
    • Marimba Sting 2
    • Marimba Sting 3
    • Marra Chant
    • Mekong Pleng Sa
    • Memories Returning
    • Mighty Sun Radiant Moon
    • Monolith
    • Moon Dance
    • Msewe Zanzibar 1A
    • Msewe Zanzibar 1B
    • Msewe Zanzibar 2
    • Mukaro Mukara
    • Mwajuga
    • Mysterious Skin
    • Neubauten
    • Ngoma Mouth Organ
    • Ngoma Ra Mrongo
    • Njemps Tribal Song
    • Nubian Dance
    • Nyatiti Harp
    • Ol Lililililili
    • Oud Solo 1
    • Oud Solo 2
    • Pipa Solo 1 (A)
    • Pipa Solo 1 (B)
    • Pipa Solo 1 (C)
    • Pipa Solo 1 (D)
    • Pipa Solo 2 (A)
    • Pipa Solo 2 (B)
    • Rufiji Marimba 3
    • Rufiji Marimba 4
    • Sad Rave
    • Safari
    • Sai Women
    • Sai Women 3
    • Scorched Rhythm
    • Shankara Veena
    • Silk Loop Chin A
    • Silk Loop Chin B
    • Silk Loop Chin C
    • Silk Loop Chin D
    • Silk Loop Chin E
    • Silk Loop Chin F
    • Silk Loop Dynasty
    • Siwa Oasis 1
    • Siwa Oasis 2
    • Space Courtship
    • Star Cluster
    • Summer Palace 2
    • Sunthorn Mor Lam
    • Tamboura Solo
    • Tarabu Orchestra 2
    • Temple Drum (A)
    • Temple Drum (B)
    • Temple Drum (C)
    • Temple Drum (D)
    • Tibetan Bells 1A
    • Tibetan Bells 2A
    • Tibetan Bells 2B
    • Tibetan Bells 3A
    • Tibetan Bells 3B
    • Tibetan Bells 4A
    • Tibetan Bells 4B
    • Tibetan Bells 4C
    • Tibetan Bells 4D
    • Tribal Frenzy
    • Tuken Drinking Song
    • Udi - Oud Lute
    • Uta Solo
    • Veena Sarasathi
    • Victoria Falls
    • Violin Dar Es 1
    • Violin Dar Es 2
    • Violin Thodi
    • Vipango Chorale
    • Vipango Orchestra 1
    • Vipango Orchestra 2
    • Vipango Solo
    • Wai Lam Dang Mo Lam
    • Warriors Strength
    • Water Bell
    • Water Bell 2
    • White Bird in a Blizzard
    • Womens Song
    • Wood Drum
    • Xylo Gong Circle A
    • Xylo Gong Circle B
    • Xylo Gong Circle C
    • Xylo Gong Circle D
    • Xylo Gong Circle E
    • Xylo Pong Lang A
    • Xylo Pong Lang B
    • Xylo Pong Lang C
    • Xylo Pong Lang D
    • Ziguinchor Sonf

    One shots

    • A collection of single shot samples by country/region. Each key is a different sample, giving you a menu of options to play with. Great to hear the sample in its original pitch and find an idea for a track.
    • Bell Stones (A)
    • Bell Stones (B)
    • Bell Stones (C)
    • Bell Stones (D)
    • China (A)
    • China (B)
    • China (C)
    • China (D)
    • China (E)
    • China/Thai/Tibet 
    • Digital Broken Lead
    • Digital Ritual Bells
    • Egypt
    • Feeling So Real
    • Hong Kong (A)
    • India (A)
    • India (B)
    • India (C)
    • India (D)
    • India (E)
    • India (F)
    • India (G)
    • Indonesia
    • Kenya (A)
    • Kenya (B)
    • Senegal
    • Sudan
    • Tanzania
    • Thailand (A)
    • Thailand (B)
    • Thailand (C)
    • Thailand (D)
    • Thailand (E)
    • Thailand (F)
    • Tibet (A)
    • Tibet (B)
    • Tibet (C)
    • Tibet (D)
    • Tibet (E)
    • Uganda
    • Ululation
    • Underworld Tribe Hits
    • Zaire

    One shots (playable)

    • A selected set of single shot samples split by instrument/recording, tuned to the keyboard and spread across the whole range. Allowing you to easily play the original material as well as to adapt it with all the treatments applied.
    • Antelope Horn
    • Bell Stone Bora 1
    • Bell Stone Bora 2
    • Bell Stone Bora 3
    • Bell Stone Bora 4
    • Bell Stone Rappa 1
    • Bell Stone Rappa 2
    • Bell Stone Rappa 5
    • Bell Stone Rappa 7
    • Bell Stone Rappa 9
    • Bhavanutha Venu 1
    • Bhavanutha Venu 2
    • Bronze Age Gong
    • Bronze Age Gong 1
    • Bronze Age Gong 12
    • Bronze Age Gong 2
    • Bronze Age Gong 3
    • Bronze Age Gong 4
    • Bronze Age Gong 5
    • Bronze Age Gong 7
    • Bronze Age Gong 9
    • Cheng End
    • Cheng Solo 2
    • Cheng Solo 3
    • Cheng Solo 5
    • Cheng Solo 6
    • Chinese Flute A
    • Chinese Flute B
    • Chinese Flute End
    • Chinese Opera
    • Chinese Water Bell
    • Clangers
    • Conche Shell 1
    • Conche Shell 2
    • Court Storyteller
    • Devaranama
    • Dragon Dance
    • Dragon Dance Cym
    • Five Deadly Venoms on VHS
    • Gas Cylinder Bell
    • Greater Kudu Horn
    • Head Over Heels
    • Hungry Ghost Ritual
    • Ilmugit Horn
    • Krong Seng 3
    • Krong Seng 4
    • Krong Seng 5
    • Kudu Horn
    • Malabar Saz
    • Malabar Stings 2
    • Malabar Stings 3
    • Malabar Stings 4
    • Malabar Stings 5
    • Moorlay Flute
    • Pipa Recital
    • Pipa Solo 2
    • Silk Loop Chin
    • Silk Loop Dynasty
    • Souffara Flute
    • Summer Palace
    • Temple Drum 1
    • Temple Drum 3
    • Temple Drum 4
    • Temple Drum 6
    • Temple Mystery
    • Temple Mystery 2
    • Temple Mystery 3
    • Tibetan Bells
    • Venu Flute 1
    • Venu Flute 2
    • Venu Flute 3
    • Wot Panpipe 1
    • Wot Panpipe 2
    • Zeze Solo
    • Zumari Ending


    • A collection of source material made from the playable sections, treated to work well as pad textures (nothing in addition to original sounds).
    • Darcy's Necklace
    • Enter The Void
    • HAL's Pads
    • Hallucinogen Piano
    • Industrial Landscape
    • Katabatic Wind
    • Mysterious Skin Lead
    • Overview Effect
    • Possession
    • Rainforest at Dusk
    • Route 66 at 3am
    • Shephard's Ghost
    • Swarmer
    • Tension in the Wind
    • Trouble on The Enterprise
    • Viking Warship Low
    • Voices of the Dead


    • From a pure sound with a touch of reverb up to complete and utter sonic madness, and everything in between, created by our in-house team of engineers.
    • 1992 Warehouse
    • A Fucking Mess
    • Afrika Sky
    • Air Machina
    • Alien Ordnance
    • Ambient Water Bell
    • Antelope Dirt MW
    • Antelope Horn
    • Antelope Horn Synth
    • Awesome Lowest Biomorph
    • Baaro Saadhanake MW
    • Bagamoyo Sting MW
    • Balafon Beats MW
    • Balafon Solo
    • Bell Rhythm
    • Bell Stone Alarm
    • Bell Stones
    • Bell Stones (Clean)
    • Bells Texture
    • Bhavanutha Venu 1
    • Bhavanutha Venu 2
    • Blade Running Pad
    • Broken Bagpipe
    • Broken Guitar Bells
    • Broken Horns
    • Bronze Age Gong
    • Building Dodoma Zese
    • Cave Rhythm
    • Chaotic Rhythms
    • Charusgeshi 2Bar
    • Cheng End
    • Cheng Mess MW
    • Cheng Solo
    • China
    • China (Clean)
    • Chinese Flute Flicks
    • Chinese Flute Jam MW
    • Chinese Flute Shorts
    • Chinese Opera Hit
    • Chinese Water Bell
    • Clap and Sing MW
    • Clean Bell
    • Conch Shell MW
    • Conche Synth
    • Constant Shifts
    • Court Storyteller Hits
    • Crisp Air Chimer
    • Cutting Flutes
    • Darkness Descends
    • Devaranama Drone
    • Dirty Front Clean Tail
    • Disconnected Dreams
    • Distant Noise
    • Distorted Bell Keys
    • Dragon Dance Hits
    • Dreamy Tamboura MW
    • Driving Manora MW
    • Driving Pulse
    • Duelling Cheng
    • Dull Bell Stone MW
    • Eerie Pad
    • Egypt
    • Egypt (Clean)
    • Enchanting Vocals
    • Fluttering Mekong
    • Fuzz Gongs
    • Fuzzy Chant
    • Gas Cylinder Bell MW
    • Gated Antelope Horn
    • Gates of Hell
    • Ghost Vocals
    • Gong Rhythm
    • Greater Kudu Horn
    • Grit In the Cylinder
    • Guitar Horn
    • Haunting Souffara
    • Hecking Stretched
    • Hey Ley Guitar MW
    • Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong (Clean)
    • Hooting Gloriosity
    • Hungry Ghost Marimba
    • Ilmugit Horn
    • India
    • India (Clean)
    • Indian Plucked Strings MW
    • Indian String Organ MW
    • Indonesia
    • Industrial Bell Stone
    • Industrial World MW
    • Jaxx Vibe
    • Kenya
    • Kenya (Clean)
    • Kinanda Harp Rhythm
    • Krong Hits (Unpitched)
    • Kudu Horn
    • Laos (Clean)
    • Lazy Ziguinchor Rhythm
    • Lilting Oud
    • Low and Guttural
    • Low Chaos Drums
    • Low Death Drums
    • Low March
    • Low Temple Drums MW
    • Malabar Saz Flicks
    • Malabar Saz MW
    • Malabar Saz Strikes
    • Malabar Saz Tinkles
    • Manora Sonar
    • Mansane Lullaby
    • Marimba Groove
    • Marimba Pulse
    • Marimba Sting MW
    • Mars Rover
    • Matrix Glitch Pad
    • Mighty Sun Radiant Moon MW
    • Moon Dance MW
    • Moorlay Flute
    • Mutant Flute
    • Nubian Chant MW
    • Occult Whispers
    • Oddities and Trinkets
    • Opposing Bells
    • Opposing Plucked Rhythms
    • Organum Incredibulum
    • Ping Pong Lang
    • Pipa Solo MW
    • Plucked Radio Interference MW
    • Popping Ping Pong
    • Popping Springs
    • Pulsing Ganoon
    • Pulsing Metallos
    • Pulsing Noise Stone
    • Pulsing Oud
    • Reed Party
    • Roaring Low Pulse
    • Rounded Metallophone
    • Safari MW
    • Scrape Rhythm Pad
    • Senegal
    • Senegal (Clean)
    • Shankara Veena MW
    • Shimmering Skies
    • Silk Loop Chin Plucks
    • Silk Loop Dynasty Plucks
    • Silk Road Haze
    • Silken Dynasty
    • Simple Harp and Shaker
    • Simple Uta
    • Siwa Oasis MW
    • Skipping Bell Stones
    • Sonic Warps
    • Souffara Flute
    • Space Glider
    • Space Marimba Groove
    • String Gong Wobbles
    • Sudan
    • Sudan (Clean)
    • Summer Palace Plucks
    • Sustained Venu Flute
    • Synth Pulse
    • Tanzania
    • Tanzania (Clean)
    • Temple Drum (Unpitched)
    • Thailand
    • Thailand (Clean)
    • The Lotus
    • The Space Codes
    • Tibet
    • Tibet (Clean)
    • Ticking Kora MW
    • Ticking Mamachor
    • Title Sequence
    • Tremolo Bell
    • Tricky Pulser
    • Trouble Ahead
    • Tuken Drinking Song MW
    • Tuning Drum
    • Uganda
    • Uganda (Clean)
    • Ululations
    • Uncontrollable Swells
    • Underwater Strings
    • Undulating Antelope
    • Uneasy Clocking
    • Unfortunate Cyclon
    • Venu Flute Presence
    • Venu Flute Wobbles
    • Venu Horn Fuzz
    • Vipango Orchestra MW
    • Vipango Vibes MW
    • Warriors Strength MW
    • Womens Song MW
    • Wot Panpipe
    • Wot Panpipe Flicks
    • Xylophone Popcorn
    • Zaire
    • Zaire (Clean)
    • Zanzibar (Clean)
    • Zeze Solo
    • Zumari Ending



    A very classy venture, which is slightly left-field, making it all the better in terms of unique and inspiring sounds.


    Great film music often blends sounds from different cultures to create a rich tapestry. Orbis lets you infuse your music with DNA from around the world, from incredibly useful original recordings through to beautifully evolving textures.

    Paul Thomson Composer and Co-founder of Spitfire Audio

    The present is almost history. Every day is worth recording.

    David Fanshawe

    His collection of field recordings and the knowledge this imparts is invaluable

    The British Library Sound Archive


    Does Orbis feature any content from Earth Encounters?

    Yes, but we have updated that content, added around 50% extra content and presets on top of that, and it’s in its own dedicated plugin.

    I am an owner of Earth Encounters. Are there crossgrade paths?

    If you already own Earth Encounters, you will be eligible for a crossgrade, saving 50%. You will see your discount automatically when on the Orbis product page.

    What is the eDNA engine?

    The eDNA engine is the Spitfire Synth Engine which allows the user to fuse two sets of sounds, modulate these sounds separate from one another and apply a wide variety of FX.

    Read more FAQs for this product

    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS 11, 12 or 13 

    Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM

    Recommended: 2.8GHz I7 (six-core), 16GB RAM

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    Intel-based Apple computers only - Apple Silicon/ARM beta can be installed here

    PC system requirements

    Windows 10 or Windows 11 - (Latest Service Pack, 64-bit)

    Minimum: Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM

    Recommended: Intel Core i7 6th gen and later or AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    File size

    ~18450 samples

    21.1 GB download size

    22.00 GB disk space required during install

    Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout

    Orbis sounds great with…