It’s not always easy to share and collaborate in the composer world — but with BBC Symphony Orchestra, that changes now. This new universal starting point allows you to mock up your scores quickly and with ease, so you can easily share your work with your fellow composers, collaborators and directors. 

With this philosophy in mind, The Page is a brand new concept centered on building a singular knowledge resource for our community which we will keep updated with exciting new material including tutorials, templates and more, made by us and members of our extraordinary community. And we want your input! Watch Christian’s video and leave a comment to let us know what kind of content you’d like to see. And if you want to contribute, share your videos with the community using #oneorchestra. 


How To Voice High Woodwinds

In his latest tutorial, Paul shares how to voice your melodies and chords for the High Woods: Piccolo, Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, as well as exploring the many amazing textures and colours these instruments can bring to your compositions.


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User Demos

You can also share your BBC Symphony Orchestra videos with us on YouTube! Just label with the hashtag #ONEORCHESTRA


In this in depth tutorial, Christian takes Erik Satie’s famous ‘Gnossienne No. 1’, originally composed for the piano, and transforms it into an orchestral piece. Watch every step of his orchestration process using BBC Symphony Orchestra, with session and MIDI files for you to download and study. Can anyone create orchestral music? We think the answer is yes!

To download Christian’s specially prepared session and midi files for this tutorial, click here or on the download link below the video. There’s also a Cubase version of Christians session available to download, too.  

Please give us your feedback on the tutorial — is it too long, too short, too detailed, not detailed enough, too fast, too slow? Would you like it to be more advanced, or more focused on the basics? Did you like the pictures, and did we tell you enough about the composer and the piece? Leave your feedback in the comments section below on the YouTube video.

Creating Emotive Trailer Music

In this film, Christian takes us through how he composed the music for the BBC Symphony Orchestra launch. He has since imported it into the new BBCSO Logic template for you to download and analyse not only how Christian programmed the piece, but how to use the various stemming and printing features of the template. For non-Logic users Christian has exported a MIDI file so you can load it into the DAW of your choosing.

The Best Ways to Voice Strings

Paul gives some tips on how to voice your string section and arranging for the string orchestra.


Christian has put together two orchestral Logic templates — one for use with BBC Symphony Orchestra, and another which can be used with your own samples — to help structure your workflow and get the best out of your Spitfire libraries. Find out how it works in this video, and download the templates below. Also available are a Cubase and Pro Tools version of Christian’s template, contributed by Alex Watson.