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Symphony Complete Professional

Symphony Complete Professional takes the ultimate Spitfire symphonic collection and adds in everything you need to make your symphonic and cinematic works compl

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    The full professional symphonic package

    Brass and Woodwinds update available now. Learn more.

    We've taken our Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Professional package—the ultimate Spitfire symphonic collection—and added in everything you need to make your symphonic and cinematic works complete.

    In addition to Professional libraries of woodwinds, brass, and a 60 piece string section, we’ve added our percussion libraries recorded in Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios, including mallets, celeste, and timpani, plus bass drums, snares, and cymbals. We've also included Skaila Kanga’s Spitfire Harp, recorded in Lyndhurst Hall and designed to blend effortlessly as part of your orchestral arrangements.

    Kontakt Full Required

    Some products are compatible with NKS

    What's included

    Listen to Symphony Complete Professional

    Total Performance Flute

    Total Performance Flute

    Features Masse

    Features Aluphone

    Features Steel Drums

    Symphonic Woodwinds updated patch GUI

    Total Performance Flute

    Paul Thomson - SSO Update Walkthrough

    Update Walkthrough

    Ssb Update Midio Square

    Total Performance Trumpet


    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS X 10.10 to OS X 12

    Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM

    Recommended: 2.8GHz I7 (six-core), 16GB RAM

    Machine must be connected to the internet during install.

    32-bit DAWs not supported

    PC system requirements

    Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 64-bit)

    Minimum: Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5

    Recommended: Intel 2.8 GHz i7 (six-core) or AMD R7 2700

    Machine must be connected to the internet during install

    32-bit DAWs not supported

    File size

    822.0 GB download size

    1643.94 GB disk space required during install

    Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout

    Kontakt player

    Kontakt Full 5.6.8 required for Hg2O, Spitfire Harp, Scraped Percussion, Aluphone and Steel Drums

    For more information on Kontakt Full click here