The Blockbuster Sound
Save Up to 50%

The definitive anthology to create blockbuster scores, featuring an array of extra signals recorded and mixed at AIR Studios, London. Expand your orchestral palette via Collections and save up to 50% off the full price of all Symphonic and Chamber libraries.

The Crown, Wonder Woman 1984, The Trial of The Chicago 7, James Bond, Interstellar, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Gladiator—all were recorded in Lyndhurst Hall at London’s AIR Studios, Spitfire Audio’s spiritual home and a room where blockbuster scores are born. Architecturally unique, the acoustic properties of the interior of Lyndhurst Hall are renowned globally, loved by composers and musicians alike. There is a gentle reverberation in the room that adds beauty to anything played there. The sound produced by a soloist, chamber ensemble or indeed a full symphonic orchestra expands and blooms inside the space, a truly versatile palette giving access to a range of textures from delicate and intimate to thunderous and epic.

The core Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra brings the stunning sound of AIR and an awesome array of instrument techniques, one of our most detailed orchestras to date. The new Professional collection of libraries are packed with extra content and features three curated mixes–Fine, Medium, and Broad—by the award-winning engineer, Jake Jackson, offering you an immediate and recognisable blockbuster sound. These mix perspectives, crafted using single voices per note for low CPU/RAM usage, prove to be indispensable for creating ready-made mixes that work across the entire orchestra.

Need more control to bring your score to life? Look no further than the 10 signals (11 available in Symphonic Strings Professional) featuring 8 classic microphone positions to create your own custom mixes, giving you a diverse range of palettes from a single room. Included are 4 alternative (ALT) microphones: a microphone placed close to the leader of each section (L - only available with Symphonic Strings Professional), warm Close Ribbon (Cr), close Stereo Pair (St) and spacious Gallery (G) signals, as well as the addition of Outrigger signals to the common Close Tree Ambient (known as CTA), creating CTAO for the classic Spitfire Audio setup.