Electronic DNA - A new generation of electronic sound-ware for the next generation of sonic sound-smiths.

For the last 7 years, we have been creating the greatest collection of orchestral sample libraries on the planet, played by the finest players in the finest locations, curated by award-winning composers. But we didn’t apprise you of our original core aim — that we were gathering this delicious ore to mine the finest set of raw materials from which to create a new collection of organically synthesised sounds, the likes of which the world has never heard. For the last five years, we have been cherry picking the best moments of seven years of orchestral recordings, and placing them through a series of extraordinary analogue and digital signal warp chains, to create the largest sound-set of jaw dropping next-generation organic electronics ever heard. In the final phase, we used the last eight years of scripting expertise to insert these sound sets into a revolutionary new scripting engine and GUI. We let our team of award-winning composers, technologists and sadistic geeks to create an instrument-list of biblical proportions. We call this engine eDNA = ‘ELECTRONIC DNA’, and “EARTH” is the first instalment of this new range, with a gargantuan set of patches derived from over a thousand multi sampled sound-sets.