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A selection of our most innovative writing tools, brought together in one collection. From Olafur Arnalds Evolutions, featuring a quartet of unique string players sampled using our innovative Evo Grid technique, to Orchestral Swarm, a new standard in orchestral sampling with a huge range of innovative orchestral textures, to British Drama Toolkit, providing you with a new way of sketching and scoring music instantly, featuring strings and woodwinds that not only help you play your music, they help you compose it.

Product Info

  • ~31260 Samples
  • 91.3 GB Uncompressed .WAV
  • 51.7 GB download size Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout.
  • 103.4 GB disk space required during install
  • Kontakt Full Required

What’s included?

Orchestral Swarm

A new standard in orchestral sample library innovation, this will significantly expand your existing orchestral palette to include a huge variety of totally unique textures. As an alternative to using only straightforward long notes, this library draws upon the pointillistic effect of having multiple players perform short notes at random intervals to create an undulating swell of sound performed in real time, for inspiring results. Taking our Swarm approach, but adapted for the orchestra, it gives access to even greater detail by utilising the huge variety of articulations and playing styles of orchestral instruments, recorded at the famous British Grove Studios. It will give your compositions a liquid dynamic that dances alongside the picture.

This library has been created exclusively in collaboration with Bleeding Fingers, and is featured in Blue Planet II and Hans Zimmer X Radiohead collaboration (ocean) bloom.

British Drama Toolkit

We can’t write your music for you, but we can help you find your voice. The outstanding British Drama Toolkit provides the most instinctive, immediate and intense connection to the heart of your composition. Created in collaboration with composer Samuel Sim, it features an ensemble dedicated to the emotionally potent sound he is lauded for – but also presents a unique way of interacting with the players, which sets this instrument apart from anything we have created to date. This is not just a group that plays your music; it helps you compose it.

Olafur Arnalds Evolutions

BAFTA-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist and electronic artist Ólafur Arnalds creates and curates a select quartet of unique string players performing to his very individualistic, inspiring and haunting aesthetic. As part of our Evo Grid series offering composers, producers and songwriters instant inspiration and that ever elusive creative edge.

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