PP021 Evo Grid 3

Strings In Motion

Spitfire takes its Evo range of products into a new realm with a series of evolving strings "motions" that we're certain will revolutionise the way in which you write and realise your string compositions. Orchestrated by Ben Foskett this product exudes class, and a cool organic sound that will bring fresh Steve Reich, Terry Riley, John Adams and Arvo Part style sophistication to any number of applications.

Into The Woods - Oliver Patrice Weder (0:00 / 3:01)

Dancing In Spring - Homay Schmitz (0:00 / 1:11)

The Wisps (naked) - Oliver Patrice Weder (0:00 / 1:43)

Return To The Cafe Del (Contextual)- Christian Henson (0:00 / 1:54)

Evo Chin - Christian Henson (0:00 / 2:30)


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The newly initiated Evos are hyperlong articulations that change, sometimes subtly, sometimes radically over time before returning to their original state. We have organised these on a grid so you can plot which evolution or 'Evo' sits on which key range. In this day and age, composers are often asked to engage the listener by doing very little. We're asked to rarely change a note, to do nothing, but 'really sort a scene out'! Evo Grid is our means of providing composers with a solution to this conundrum! Evo 3 takes this concept further by introducing tempo lockable "motions" to the Evo Grid project. From simple shimmering textures, essential motoring evos that help to keep your simple compositions ticking along, to the most complex of polyrhythmic systems. We have to limit our own time on Evo 3, once you start you can't stop!

Recorded in the dry but very warm environment of Air-Edel studios London with a small or "Chamber" sized string band Evo 3 is a sonically detailed and versatile set of recordings suitable for any number of applications.


• Are you a media composer having to produce yards of sophisticated underscore for your TV scores?
• Are you a games composer looking for ways of generating hours of iterative material?
• Are you a producer looking for cool understated orchestral textures?
• Are you any kind of writer looking for inspiration? That next great idea?
• Are you someone wanting to wile away hours playing one of our most addictive releases to date whilst your children fight each other in the garden?

Then Evo Grid 3 is your must have purchase of the Summer!

The genesis of Evo 3 is an evolutionary story in its own right. From the original "Scary Strings" experiment (now available free in our LABS area), sampling players performing "evolutions" that change over time over a fixed number of registers to our original Strings Evo Grids 1 & 2 that designed an ingenious way of arranging these evolutions across your ranges with a die randomisation function that delivered a near infinite number of possible combinations. We also produced Evo 4 for woodwinds and brass, giving a truly original set of sonic possibilities, then the ultra exclusive Mural Symphonic Evolutions recorded at Air studios. And both Olafur Arnalds and Leo Abrahams bringing us their take on the Evo Grid. With all these grids flying around no one noticed the missing "Evo 3"!

This volume is the biggest development for the Evo Grid concept by sampling evolving "motions" or movements and rhythms orchestrated exceptionally by Ben Foskett.

Initially the concept of 3 was to tackle one of the biggest sampling conundrums the re bow, repeated phrasing on the same note. So we thought what better way of giving us all options of time syncable re-bowing patterns than to put them on an Evo Grid. After two years of extended development and fiendish scripting, our alpha version arrived and it was immediately clear that Evo Grid 3 was going to be so so so much more than we had originally hoped.


• 37 unique evolutions across the whole range of the string band, grouped into 3 different categories.
• All sounds tempo-locked to your host DAW tempo
• Completely customisable evo grid, with randomise function.
• Four individual mic signals including Close, Sweet Loops, Completely Varped, and Stretched.


The Evo Grid

Based on the EMS VCS3 synth, this extraordinary and unique interface allows for instant gratification and customisation. With 1 or 2 clicks you will be armed with something totally unique and inspiring. Scroll the Evo Grid to discover and activate Evos that are not visible. Pan and tweak each Evo for perfect blending punch in or out 3 useful modulators and effects, mix your mic positions all from the front panel.

The Overview Panel

This is the main interface for melodic instruments. Its default view displays all available playing techniques, has a simple microphone mixer and includes the main feature controllers.

Presets / Techniques / Articulations / Mics / Mixes


  • Evo Grid 3
  • Curated Presets:
  • 1-12 Step Down Diagonal
  • 1-12 Step Up Diagonal
  • 13-24 Step Down Diagonal
  • 13-24 Step Up Diagonal
  • 16s Pushing Top
  • 25-36 Step Down Diagonal
  • 25-36 Step Up Diagonal
  • Building Rhythms
  • Locked Wisps
  • Low Tense 8s with High Pizz
  • Persistent Tense 16s
  • Plucks and Pizz
  • Psycho Scary 8s
  • Pulsing Sul Pont Crosses
  • Reich 8s
  • Sul Pont Scary 4s
Individual Evolutions:
  • 01 Straight - Reich 8s Hairpin
  • 02 Straight - Measured 16s Hairpin
  • 03 Straight - Measured 16s Normale To Sul Pont
  • 04 Straight - Measured 16s Normale To Sul Tasto
  • 05 Straight - Crotchet Accented Downbeat Hairpin
  • 06 Straight - Quaver Accented Downbeat Hairpin
  • 07 Straight - 16s Accented Downbeat Normale To Sul Pont
  • 08 Straight - Quaver Accented Downbeat Muted Normale To Sul Pont
  • 09 Straight - Minim Accented Downbeat Hairpin
  • 10 Straight - Sul Pont Cross Rhythm 1
  • 11 Straight - Quaver Accented Detache Normale Hairpin
  • 12 Straight - 16s Detache Normale To Sul Pont Hairpin
  • 13 Straight - Triplets Detache Normale To Sul Pont Hairpin
  • 14 Straight - Triplets Muted Detache Normale Hairpin
  • 15 Straight - Triplets Normale Hairpin
  • 16 Straight - Sul Pont Cross Rhythm 2
  • 17 Straight - 2 Bar Pizz Crotchet Accented Double Time Hairpin
  • 18 Straight - 2 Bar Pizz Quaver Accented Double Time Hairpin
  • 19 Straight - 2 Bar Col Legno Crotchet Accented Double Time Hairpin
  • 20 Straight - 2 Bar Col Legno Quaver Accented Double Time Hairpin
  • 21 Tense - Quaver Double Stopped 5ths Staccato Hairpin
  • 22 Tense - Semi Quaver Double Stopped 5ths Staccato Hairpin
  • 23 Tense - Quaver Detache Motion Into Harmonics
  • 24 Tense - Semi Quaver Detache Motion Into Harmonics
  • 25 Tense - Still Longs With Quaver Harmonic Wisps
  • 26 Tense - Still Longs With Semi Quaver Harmonic Wisps
  • 27 Tense - Still Longs With Quaver Sul Pont Wisps
  • 28 Tense - Quaver Mandolin Strummed Hairpin
  • 29 Scary - Measured Quavers Into Detune
  • 30 Scary - Measured 16s Into Detune
  • 31 Scary - Quaver Accented Downbeat Into Detune
  • 32 Scary - 2 Bar Pizz Quaver Accented Double Time Into Detune
  • 33 Scary - Reich 8s Into Extreme Pitch Shift
  • 34 Scary - Measured Quavers Detache Into Sul Pont Pitch Shift
  • 35 Scary - Measured 4s Into Extreme Sul Pont Detune
  • 36 Scary - Measured Quavers Into Added Harmonics Pitch Shift
  • 37 Scary - Detache 4s Into Gradual Speed Increase Sul Pont Pitch Shift

Mics & Mixes


  • C - Close Mix
  • SL - Sweet Loops
  • CV - 'Completely Varped'
  • X - Stretched