The Complete Ólafur Arnalds Collection

Here we bring together our collaborative libraries with celebrated Icelandic composer, Ólafur Arnalds. Featuring our newest Chamber Evolutions release, which introduces his signature “Waves” samples, and alongside Evolutions and Composer Toolkit, which have become Spitfire bestsellers, this is a no -brainer for fans of Ólafur, the Scandi Noir movement and beautiful progressive ensemble music in general.

ÓA Chamber Evolutions Demo - Ólafur Arnalds (0:00 / 2:47)

No Man's Sanctuary - Homay Schmitz (0:00 / 1:33)

Solstice (contextual with OA Toolkit) - Oliver Patrice Weder (0:00 / 3:05)

Remember The Snow - Homay Schmitz (0:00 / 1:58)

Unrequited - Harnek Mudhar (Naked) (0:00 / 2:46)

Soft Entrance - Biggi Hilmars (0:00 / 3:18)

O. Weder - Evolutionary Trail (0:00 / 3:54)


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Products in the Collection

Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit

For composers, for songwriters, for producers. An intimate and deeply personal set of tools curated by BAFTA winning composer Ólafur Arnalds, with the writer in mind. Centred around a hugely characterful 'felted' grand piano and a comprehensive set of extraordinary and inspiring sounds, all recorded in Iceland.

Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions

We join forces with BAFTA-winning composer Ólafur Arnalds (Broadchurch, Kiasmos, Erased Tapes) to record an all-star ensemble performing his latest set of awe-inspiring evolutions. Based in Reykjavík, Iceland, Ólafur’s approach to sound and composition has inspired a new generation to enjoy and create orchestral music, and following the success of his own Spitfire libraries and our Symphonic Strings Evolutions, he became the obvious choice to create Chamber Evolutions. Here, the 4,3,3,3,3 ensemble of British players (Violin I + II, Viola, Cello, Double Bass) led by long-term collaborator Viktor Orri Árnason perform a range of fragile yet warm beautifully evolving phrases, recorded at the world-famous Hall in Air Studios (London).

With our Evo Grid technology, this library makes it easy to create sophisticated chamber strings music from the most simplistic of arrangements - just a few sustained notes is all you need to write inspiring dynamic textures.

We also introduce here Waves: a brand new innovation featuring notes that move along a wave-like dynamic arc, appearing from nothing, swelling, and then dying away again to nothing. These are accessible via our classic interface, in various styles and lengths.

Olafur Arnalds Evolutions

BAFTA-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist and electronic artist Ólafur Arnalds creates and curates a select quartet of unique string players performing to his very individualistic, inspiring and haunting aesthetic. As part of our Evo Grid series offering composers, producers and songwriters instant inspiration and that ever elusive creative edge.