Pianos and Keys

Spitfire's piano collection ranges from the deeply sampled "mother" of all pianos by Hans Zimmer, via Olafur Arnalds' haunting 'Icelandic' piano (the centrepiece of the Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit), to Gwilym Simcock's gentle Felt Piano. Also, recorded in the Hall at Air Lyndhurst we have our 'contextual' Grand Piano for when you're looking for something to blend into your orchestral mix, and of course, our unrivalled Harpsichord from Steven Devine. If you're looking for something grander, we also have the magnificent Union Chapel Organ or for some more electronic sounds, check out the Dulcitone, Autoharp and 'Plastic Ghost Piano' from our partners at Sound Dust in their eclectic Dustbundle library. Pianos also feature in a number of our bundles.