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Abbey Road One: Grand Brass

The Iconic Sound of Cinema

Create soaring and regal melodies with this set of masterful performances captured in Abbey Road’s iconic Studio One.

Performed by London’s first-call session players, Grand Brass offers you exceptional performances of horns and tuba, as well as the idiomatic pairing of horns and cellos, beautifully orchestrated to allow you to create moving, stately, and momentous melodic lines. This diverse collection of techniques, including shorts, powerful longs, purposeful swells, and Spitfire Audio’s new easy-to-use legato patches, are essential for creating heroic drama and distinctive themes, all recorded in the iconic space of Studio One.

Grand Brass is available to purchase as a stand-alone library or as a brilliant addition to Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations. You can also purchase this as part of Abbey Road One: The Collection and save 30% - Learn More.

Nearing The Dark Gates - Paul Thomson feat. Orchestral Foundations (0:00 / 2:02)

On Better Terms - Homay Schmitz feat. Eric Whitacre Choir (0:00 / 1:56)

The Enchanted Kingdom - Dan Keen Feat. Orchestral Foundations (0:00 / 2:38)


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  • 9.30 GB disk space required during install
  • Mac system requirements Mac OS X 10.13 to OS X 11 Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM. Recommended: 2.8GHz i7 (six-core), 16GB RAM. Intel and M1 Apple computers, 64 bit DAW required (32 bit DAWs not supported). Machine must be connected to the internet during install
  • PC system requirements Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 64-bit) Minimum: Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5. Recommended: Intel 2.8 GHz i7 (six-core) or AMD R7 2700. Machine must be connected to the internet during install.
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A Grand Entrance

Grand Brass elegantly captures expert performances of four horns, supported by a deeply resonant tuba, sounding an octave below. For ultimate control, articulations such as legato, long, staccato, tenuto, as well as short, medium, and long swells are present and easily accessed via our dedicated plug-in. With these essential techniques, this library is designed to give you not only the sharp, punchy sounds you would expect but also lyrical performances for creating unforgettable melodic lines.

Our majestic four-horn section is combined with an enchanting ensemble of ten cellos, presented in both Soaring Long and Soaring Legato patches for exclusive control. Composers from Gustav Holst to John Williams have used the idiomatic pairing of brass and strings for its characteristic mellow and rich timbre, which elegantly represents these instrument’s ‘cantabile’ or ‘singing’ ranges. Performed in the unmistakable acoustics of Studio One, Grand Brass adds yet more depth to the Abbey Road One orchestral range.

The Iconic Sound of Cinema

Enter the room most composers can only dream of—Abbey Road’s Studio One. Considered one of the finest acoustical spaces in the world, Studio One’s history has an indelible connection with the scores recorded there, providing emotion, mood, and magic for many of the most renowned and successful films ever made. Such classics as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Avengers: Endgame, all were recorded in Studio One. With its rich tonality and famed reverb, Studio One’s sound is widescreen and epic. Truly, it is the iconic sound of cinema.

Grand Brass, and indeed all of the Abbey Road One Selections, puts the same first-call musicians that play on globally successful movies at your fingertips, all recorded by multi GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer Simon Rhodes (Avatar, Hugo, Harry Potter) and featuring the legendary Abbey Road microphones and outboard gear.

Building On Orchestral Foundations

Expanding on Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations, a 90-piece symphonic orchestra that was our first partnership with Abbey Road Studios, Grand Brass is a fully-fledged, stand-alone library. Recorded the same way your favourite composer would: the unmistakable acoustics of Abbey Road Studio One, exceptional players, award-winning sound engineers and priceless microphones, all allowing you to quickly and easily create film scores. Elevate your existing symphonic orchestra toolkit or pair with Orchestral Foundations to create soaring, heroic themes.

With a beautiful, modern design, Grand Brass and all of the Abbey Road One Selections are housed in our award-winning plug-in, which loads directly into all major DAWs (VST2, VST3, AU & AAX) without the need for any additional software. Easy to use, intuitive and inspiring, our plug-in has been designed by composers, for composers.

“Amongst the best I've heard over the last 20 years."

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  • Legato (8ve)
  • Long (8ve)
  • Staccato (8ve)
  • Tenuto (8ve)
  • Swells Short (8ve)
  • Swells Medium (8ve)
  • Swells Long (8ve)
  • Soaring Long (8ve)
  • Soaring Legato (8ve)


  • Mix 1
  • Mix 2


  • Vintage 1
  • Vintage 2
  • Pop Close
  • Pop Room
  • Close
  • Tree 1
  • Tree 2
  • Ambient
  • Outriggers
  • Spill

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