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Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer

The biggest name in film scoring

Hans Zimmer is one of the most successful, influential and prolific film composers of his generation, having won countless awards. His scores have underpinned a generation of hugely successful films. Hans has defined not only a compositional style, but a production approach and sonic innovation that has influenced a generation of composers. Spitfire Audio are delighted and honoured to present a series of products produced by Hans Zimmer and his world-class team of Grammy-award winning engineers, musicians and technicians.

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Awards and achievements

Hans Zimmer has 122 award wins and 243 nominations, including the 1995 Acadamy Award for Best Music, Original Score for The Lion King.


2017 Oscar Nominee


2014 Oscar Nominee


2010 Oscar Nominee

The Dark Knight

2008 BAFTA Nominee


2000 Golden Globe Winner

The Lion King

1994 Oscar Winner

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Hans Zimmer

Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios