Spitfire Symphonic Percussion Professional


Expand your symphonic range with these five incredible percussion libraries, providing everything from thunderous cinematic power to distant shimmers that dance along the picture. At the heart of this new collection is the essential Spitfire (Symphonic) Percussion, made up of huge timpani, bass drums, cymbals and mallet instruments, accompanied by rarer finds — Steel Drums, Scraped Percussion, Aluphone (aluminium bells) and Hg2O (a water based metallic instrument). Performed by world-renowned percussionists, these libraries will blend effortlessly with our Symphonic and Chamber libraries, having been recorded in the same space — the world famous Hall at AIR Studios.

Ascension — Louis Rugg (All libraries) (0:00 / 1:44)

Duelling Mallets - Christian Henson (Spitfire Percussion) (0:00 / 1:27)

Aluscape — Oliver Patrice Weder (Aluphone) (0:00 / 2:00)

Subterranea - Paul Thomson (Scraped Percussion) (0:00 / 0:48)

All We Do - Homay Schmitz (Steel Drums) (0:00 / 2:47)

Beneath the City — Paul Thomson (HG2O) (0:00 / 1:09)


Product Info

  • ~65985 Samples
  • 107.9 GB Uncompressed .WAV
  • 56.4 GB download size Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout.
  • 112.80 GB disk space required during install
  • Kontakt Full Required

What’s included?

Spitfire Percussion

A collection full of life and character, this definitive percussion library provides the bedrock for your orchestral compositions, performed by world-renowned British percussionist Joby Burgess. Spitfire Percussion has been expertly recorded in The Hall at AIR Studios, the home of blockbuster scores and the same space as our Symphonic and Chamber library recordings.

Own all of the essential symphonic percussion instruments to add ultimate power, rhythm and nuance to your scores, large and small, tuned and untuned — from thunderous timpani, bass drums and cymbals to a set of mallet instruments, from marimba to tubular bells, described by Sound On Sound as "to die for".

Scraped Percussion

A selection of progressive, unconventional percussive sounds, created using imaginatively played percussion instruments and objects — scraped, bowed, rubbed and brushed — to create unique sounds and textures. Recorded in The Hall at AIR Studios and played by percussionist legend Paul Clarvis, it is designed to blend perfectly with all of our Albion, Symphonic and Percussion libraries.

Steel Drums

These beautifully crafted steel drums, performed by renowned session percussionist Frank Ricotti, will add colour and energy to your film, TV, & games scores. Steel Drums also includes a fantastic selection of presets, designed for use on contemporary RnB, pop and electronic music and hosted in our popular eDNA engine for instant playability and control. From hauntingly beautiful soft layers to searing metallic bites, this exciting addition to our percussion range has been sampled on the greatest scoring stage in the world — The Hall at AIR Studios — blending perfectly with all of our orchestral libraries.


An exciting addition to the mallet family, this extraordinary array of aluminium bells has been performed by world-renowned percussionist Paul Clarvis, a master of his craft. Expertly recorded in the Hall at AIR Studios by resident engineer Jake Jackson, this is unique metallic sound will enhance your percussion collection.


HG2O is Spitfire's experimental take on the waterphone, a classic percussion instrument, played by renowned percussionist Paul Clarvis in The Hall at AIR Studios. The Spitfire team takes this unconventional metallic instrument beyond its vintage horror stereotype to reveal its inspirational beauty. We have also included a collection of morphed pads and ambiences, created from the raw organic samples and presented in our Mercury Synth engine.

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