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Spitfire Symphonic Extras


Breathe new life into your symphony orchestra with these four versatile solo instruments – Orchestral Grand Piano, Spitfire Harp, Cimbalom and Spitfire Harpsichord — designed to both stand out and fit in beautifully, and now presented in one simple package. Each of these libraries has been designed to blend effortlessly with our existing Symphonic, Chamber and Percussion libraries, having been expertly recorded in perfect detail in the same space: the world famous Hall at AIR Studios. With each note and articulation performed and curated by virtuoso players, you get the best out of every instrument. The Spitfire team has also made a selection of synthesised presets from the original recordings to give you extra inspiration.

More Surprises — Homay Schmitz (0:00 / 1:26)

Fusi Pavana Piana — Anon. (Spitfire Harpsichord) (0:00 / 0:44)

Ice Storm — Andy Blaney (Cimbalom) (0:00 / 2:22)

Solitude — Colin O'Malley (Spitfire Harp) (0:00 / 1:50)

The Night Before Christmas Eve - Andy Blaney (Orchestral Grand Piano) (0:00 / 1:55)


Product Info

  • ~12029 Samples
  • 29.3 GB Uncompressed .WAV
  • 16.2 GB download size Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout.
  • 32.40 GB disk space required during install
  • Kontakt Full Required

What’s included?

Orchestral Grand Piano

At last, a grand piano that actually sounds like it's in the same room as your orchestra. Recorded in the world famous Hall at AIR Studios where we recorded our Symphonic and Chamber ranges, this exquisite Steinway Model D concert grand piano is designed to fit perfectly with our symphonic and chamber ranges. A classic, versatile instrument ideal as a concerto style lead, while also perfect for adding texture to your scores.

Orchestral Grand Piano requires Kontakt Full.

Spitfire Harp

A detailed, beautiful harp library performed by London's leading harpist, Skaila Kanga, who has performed on countless blockbuster film scores. Instantly playable and ultra realistic. A comprehensive range of articulations and pedalling, with glisses in every key. In addition, we give you an otherworldly set of 'Harposphere' patches — beautiful pads and textures created from our original organic recordings.

Spitfire Harp has been designed to blend effortlessly with our Symphonic and Chamber libraries, having been recorded in the same space — the world famous Hall at AIR Studios.


An instrument popularised in Hungary, the cimbalom is a concert hammered dulcimer: a type of chordophone composed of a large, trapezoidal box with metal strings stretched across its top, played by striking two beaters against the strings. It is often used in spy intrigue and cold war thrillers, and also more recently on trip hop and pop tracks, for its mournful, unsettling tone. Played by renowned percussionist Greg Knowles and recorded in The Hall at AIR Studios, this will sit perfectly alongside our symphonic and chamber libraries.

Spitfire Harpsichord

This truly spectacular harpsichord library features a beautiful baroque instrument, performed by London harpsichord virtuoso Steven Devine. Spitfire Harpsichord has been designed to blend effortlessly with our Symphonic and Chamber libraries, having been recorded in the same space — the world famous Hall at AIR Studios.

We have also created a collection of atmospheres and pads derived from the organic harpsichord samples, presented in our Mercury Synth engine.

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