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Spitfire Chamber Strings

Small & Detailed Strings

We handpicked 16 of the finest string players to perform an encyclopaedia of articulations and techniques, expertly recorded in the world famous Hall at AIR Studios, London. This smaller section gives you more detail and focus than our Symphonic range, with Close, Tree and Ambient microphone positions, while still capturing the beautiful resonance of the hall.

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Bredon Dusk - Paul Thomson (0:00 / 1:30)

The Magician - Andy Blaney (0:00 / 2:01)

Stasis - Harnek Mudhar (0:00 / 5:21)

Joliesse - Oliver Patrice Weder (0:00 / 3:02)

Shades - Rohan Stevenson (0:00 / 3:06)

Crossing The Line - Andy Blaney (0:00 / 2:36)

Captain Brown Leads The Attack - Rohan Stevenson (0:00 / 4:01)


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  • ~72697 Samples
  • 107.3 GB Uncompressed .WAV
  • 80.9 GB download size Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout.
  • 161.8 GB disk space required during install

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The word "chamber" describes a band that is smaller than a symphony orchestra - anything from a quartet to 40 players. Where strings are concerned, it generally means a medium-sized ensemble consisting of five sections (1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos and basses).

Our desire was to create the definitive chamber strings project, recorded at The Hall at AIR Studios, giving you the widescreen Hollywood sound we all want, with a detail and ability harder to articulate with larger sized string sample libraries.

16 star players, 4 1st Violins, 3 2nds, 3 Violas, 3 Cellos & 3 Basses super deep sampled with over 244 articulations, including 38 shorts, 53 longs, 19 FX, and 45 extraordinary legato patches programmed by Andrew Blaney. Recorded with multiple round robins, dynamic layers and presented with 3 essential and versatile microphone positions. In addition to each individual section, we also have a comprehensive selection of articulations and techniques presented in an 'ensemble' format designed for sketching and composing with 'out of the box' satisfaction.

Presented as a Kontakt Player library, there are no further purchases necessary. We're also proud that it is our first NKS-ready release for use with NI hardware. It features a new 'intuitive' GUI with an inbuilt user manual.

• 244 articulations; 38 shorts, 53 longs, 19 FX & 45 legatos • 16 Top London string players • Recorded in situ (ie: in the positions they would sit as a section) • Recorded using priceless valve and ribbon mics • Neve Montserrat Pre-amps into a Neve 88R desk • Recorded digitally at 96k via 2" Studer tape • Deep sampled with multiple dynamic layers and round robins • Diverse and detailed with essential, additional and some totally unique articulations • Legatos designed by Andrew Blaney • Individual sections and ensembles • 3 Essential, diverse and most favoured mic positions: (C(lose), T(ree), A(mbient) • Kontakt Player included • NKS-ready • New intuitive GUI with inline help system • Thousands of happy users around the globe!

Spitfire Chamber Strings

Spitfire was built on a chamber strings project. Many of our friends, including A-list composers, complained that sampled strings were unwieldy, ill-defined and too epic. That for much of their output, sensitive and achingly beautiful quiet passages through to searing lyricism didn't require huge numbers but attention to detail. That symphonic ranges often tripled and quadrupled in size when playing lots of notes.

So we set about recording a chamber strings range which we shared as part of a private project with our nearest and dearest, and were delighted when it was received with huge amounts of optimism and encouragement.

Many, however, noted how it still sounded 'kind of big'. So we returned to the chamber challenge with a question: How small can we go before it no longer sounds like a section? The answer was 4,3,3,3,3. A uniquely intimate group of extraordinary players in one of the best recording locations. Originally available in volumes, this project has now taken 4 years of our life. We now present Spitfire Chamber Strings in a rationalised, and more instantly useable form. As mentioned before it is the Spitfire team's absolute favourite string range, admired for its beauty, its versatility but also its totally unique sonic character.

Presets / Articulations


The Overview Panel

This is the main interface for melodic instruments. Its default view displays all available playing techniques, has a simple microphone mixer and includes the main feature controllers.

General Controls Panel

This view allows further in-depth control of the instrument, showing all available signals and feature controllers, as well as the ability to purge techniques from memory to reduce system usage.

The Ostinatum

In this view you can add notes to a pattern sequencer, select which key it triggers on and then play for instant ostinato creation. It’s like an arpeggiator on a synthesiser.

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