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Sacconi Strings Quartet

The Ultimate Quartet Writing Toolkit

Four years in the making, Sacconi Strings Quartet gives you the finest tools for writing string quartet music. Performed by the award-winning Sacconi Quartet — a group renowned for their sympathetic performance style and incredible blend — and expertly sampled at one of the finest chamber acoustics in the world: London's famous Wigmore Hall. We offer you six microphone positions and two mixes for ultimate control, with easy-to-use playable patches, and four types of true legato.

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The Luthier (Quartet) - Andy Blaney (0:00 / 2:51)

Tundra (Violin II and Viola) - Oliver Patrice Weder (0:00 / 2:04)

Sweet Little Moment (Quartet) - Homay Schmitz (0:00 / 2:27)

Everlasting Pursuit (Quartet) - Harnek Mudhar (0:00 / 2:33)

Politics Of The Drawing Room (Violin) - Andy Blaney (0:00 / 1:58)

Lament (Cello Solo) - Andy Blaney (0:00 / 2:47)

Beyond (Violin) - Oliver Patrice Weder (0:00 / 0:52)


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  • ~46768 Samples
  • 106.6 GB Uncompressed .WAV
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When writing for quartets, composers often use solo string VIs to mockup their compositions, but when combined into a foursome they can sound jarring, soloistic and overly expressive. Four years in the making, Quartet has been specifically designed to solve this problem. When a quartet play together, they play in a certain way that enables them to lock into each other’s sound resulting in a very sympathetic performance style, enabling you to create the perfect quartet blend.

Christian Henson worked with the renowned Sacconi Quartet for years before sampling them, learning what it takes to make a quartet gel. We chose the finest chamber acoustic space in the world — London's world famous Wigmore Hall — to capture the intimacy and intricacy of the quartet. The sound in the Wigmore has a very prominent early reflection from the proscenium arch - this is a very unusual sound, but suits string quartets amazingly well. In collaboration with award-winning engineer Andy Blaney, we took our unique approach to sampling, combining modern techniques with stunning traditional articulations.

Quartet features four individual instruments which can be used in two modes: the traditional 'keyswitching' method, changing articulation type via inaudible notes on your controller, or 'performance patches', an ingeniously scripted automatic tool that analyses the way you play and interprets the style of performance you need — selecting from spiccatos, longs, and true legato transitions — capable of performing at any speed, including runs, trills & arpeggios — for maximum expression. Quartet also contains a brilliantly useful 'baked' ensemble section, allowing you to sketch your quartet composition with both hands before splitting off into separate parts.

The library offers you six microphone positions, including the main stereo position, which gives you the classic sound of the hall. Other positions include two close mics, Decca tree, outriggers and ambients. Discover a wide range of articulations — from tight spiccatos to longs — with complete vibrato control.


The award-winning Sacconi Quartet is known throughout the world for its their consistently fresh and imaginative approach, performing with style and commitment. Formed in 2001 at the Royal College of Music, the Quartet features the searing talents of Ben Hancox, Hannah Dawson, Robin Ashwell and Cara Berridge, who also perform on many of the top film scoring sessions in London. They have enjoyed a highly successful international career, performing regularly throughout Europe, at London’s major venues, in recordings and on radio broadcasts, and are Quartet in Association at the Royal College of Music, and Associate Artist at the Bristol Old Vic. To date, the Quartet has given twenty-one world premières and four British premières, and they performed as the solo string quartet on Paul McCartney’s hit song, Come Home.

In Summer 2015 the quartet launched HEARTFELT, their most innovative project to date, praised by critics including The Guardian and The Independent. A radical re-interpretation of Beethoven’s iconic String Quartet in A minor, Opus 132, HEARTFELT pushed the boundaries of chamber music through combining sound, light and touch, for a truly unique performance in which audience members connected with each performer’s heartbeat through holding robotic ‘hearts’.


Wigmore Hall in Central London is one of the world’s great concert halls, renowned for its intimacy and responsive acoustic. They specialise in chamber and instrumental music, early music and song. Built in 1901 by the German piano firm Bechstein next to its showrooms, it was intended to be grandly impressive, while remaining intimate enough for recitals. Their focus is on supreme musical works, best experienced with a powerful sense of immediacy. The repertoire extends from the Renaissance to contemporary jazz, and new commissions from today’s most exciting composers, brought to life by the world’s most sought-after soloists and chamber musicians.

As with all Spitfire libraries, the musicians earn royalties from every copy we sell. The royalties are also extended to The Wigmore Hall, helping them to continue the great work they do for music, education and the community.


The Overview Panel

This is the main interface for melodic instruments. Its default view displays all available playing techniques, has a simple microphone mixer and includes the main feature controllers.

General Controls Panel

This view allows further in-depth control of the instrument, showing all available signals and feature controllers, as well as the ability to purge techniques from memory to reduce system usage.

The Ostinatum

In this view you can add notes to a pattern sequencer, select which key it triggers on and then play for instant ostinato creation. It’s like an arpeggiator on a synthesiser.

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What's included

Individual and playable patches:

  • Violin 1 - Individual
  • Violin 1 - Playable - True Legato
  • Violin 2 - Individual
  • Violin 2 - Playable - True Legato
  • Viola - Individual
  • Viola - Playable - True Legato
  • Cello - Individual
  • Cello - Playable - True Legato

Individual brushes:

  • Violin 1 - Long Flautando
  • Violin 1 - Long Harmonics
  • Violin 1 - Long
  • Violin 1 - Marcato Attack
  • Violin 1 - Measured Tremolo (150bpm)
  • Violin 1 - Playable
  • Violin 1 - Short Bartok Pizz
  • Violin 1 - Short Col Legno
  • Violin 1 - Short Harmonics
  • Violin 1 - Short Pizzicato
  • Violin 1 - Short Spiccato
  • Violin 1 - Short Staccato
  • Violin 1 - Trill Major 2nd
  • Violin 1 - Trill Minor 2nd
  • Violin 1 - Unmeasured Tremolo
  • Violin 2 - Long Flautando
  • Violin 2 - Long Harmonics
  • Violin 2 - Long Measured Trems 150bpm
  • Violin 2 - Long
  • Violin 2 - Marcato Attack
  • Violin 2 - Short Bartok Pizz
  • Violin 2 - Short Col Legno
  • Violin 2 - Short Harmonics
  • Violin 2 - Short Pizzicato
  • Violin 2 - Short Spiccato
  • Violin 2 - Short Staccato
  • Violin 2 - Trill Major 2nd
  • Violin 2 - Trill Minor 2nd
  • Violin 2 - Unmeasured Tremolo
  • Viola - Long Flautando
  • Viola - Long Harmonics
  • Viola - Long Measured Trems 150bpm
  • Viola - Long
  • Viola - Marcato Attack
  • Viola - Short Bartok Pizz
  • Viola - Short Col Legno
  • Viola - Short Harmonics
  • Viola - Short Pizzicato
  • Viola - Short Spiccato
  • Viola - Short Staccato
  • Viola - Unmeasured Tremolo
  • Cello - Long Flautando
  • Cello - Long Harmonics
  • Cello - Long Measured Trems 150bpm
  • Cello - Long
  • Cello - Marcato Attack
  • Cello - Short Bartok Pizz
  • Cello - Short Col Legno
  • Cello - Short Harmonics
  • Cello - Short Pizzicato
  • Cello - Short Spiccato
  • Cello - Short Staccato
  • Cello - Trill Major 2nd
  • Cello - Trill Minor 2nd
  • Cello - Unmeasured Tremolo

Other brushes:

  • Violin 1 - Individual COG
  • Violin 1 - Individual TM
  • Violin 2 - Individual COG
  • Violin 2 - Individual TM
  • Viola - Individual COG
  • Viola - Individual TM
  • Cello - Individual COG
  • Cello - Individual TM

Mics & Mixes


  • C - Close
  • Cr - Close Ribbon
  • St - Main Stereo
  • T - Decca Tree
  • A - Ambients
  • O - Outriggers


  • Close Mix
  • Full Mix

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