Leo Abrahams - Enigma

Inspiring Ambient Sounds, Made from Guitars

ENIGMA is a collection of inspiring sounds and tools created exclusively by Leo and sampled by Spitfire Audio. Almost immediately after its creation, Enigma soon became the go-to collection of atmospheric textures inspiring music makers the world over. collection of inspiring, modern cinematic sounds and textures, all created by virtuosic guitarist Leo Abrahams and sampled by Spitfire Audio. Created largely on a Trussart guitar, plugged into Leo's unparalleled collection of pedals and amps, discover over 300 presets - weird and wonderful sounding guitars, reverberant pads, distorted plucks, warped pedal FX, synths and over 200 loops. From ambient to apocalyptic, this versatile, inspiring selection of sounds layers into your mix perfectly to add an experimental edge to a huge range of settings — for film composers and discerning electronic and pop producers alike.

Silver - Christian Henson (0:00 / 1:59)

The Avant Gardener (NAKED) - O. P. Weder (0:00 / 2:00)

The Avant Gardener - O. P. Weder (0:00 / 2:11)


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If you're looking to add a timeless edge to your music or you are faced with a blank screen and a looming deadline, we're confident that any one of the many hundreds of sounds found in Enigma will create a spark from which your creativity will flow.

Enigma is a collection of unique sounds created by Leo Abrahams and his Trussart guitar via his much envied pedal board, coupled with Spitfire's years of sampling experience, to present unrecognisable organic sounds from a different world and time. Because of their organic beginnings, they have an honest emotion about them that suits any number of applications, from the inner city to desolate, sweeping vistas.


Leo Abrahams is a trailblazing musician, composer, and producer who has recorded and toured with such successful artists as Imogen Heap, Ed Harcourt, Roxy Music, Grace Jones, and Pulp. Leo began to write and produce for a catalogue of aspiring singers and bands, which led him to create his own records including The Unrest Cure, featuring the vocal stylings of Brian Eno, KT Tunstall, Ed Harcourt, Foy Vance, and Bingo Gazingo. Leo has produced for a number of artists including Paolo Nutini, Wild Beasts, Frightened Rabbit and Carl Barat of the Libertines, and has composed scored movies such as The Lovely Bones (with Eno) and Hunger (with David Holmes), and is also credited as the guitarist in such fantastic film scores as that of '71, Oceans 12, Twilight and Green Zone.


As composers ourselves, we have been keen to get our hands on what we know will become essential DNA for future compositions and productions.

Created largely on a rusty Trussart guitar plugged into Leo's infamous pedal array, with over 300 presets including weird and wonderful sounding guitars, synths, pads, atmos, phrases and over 200 loops. this library is 5GB of pure inspiration.


Mercury Synth

The mercury synth is the front end for all of our steam punked, sound designed and warped section of any library. It is an ingenious user interface that allows you to have instant fun without having to roll up your sleeves and go under the Kontakt hood. All of the controls are assignable to your control surface giving you the immediate ability to make our sounds your own.

Product Reviews

Presets / Techniques / Articulations / Mics / Mixes


  • Purpose built curiosities, some more recognisable than others, but all with that distinctive rusty sound!


  • Raw chordal instruments direct from Leo


  • Beautiful circuit bent synths and pads always derived from a rusty source!


  • Rhythmic and percussive phrases tempo synced to your host.


  • A selection of rustic pylons to screw with your beautiful sonic landscapes!

Atonal FX:

  • Anemone Drops
  • Coin Guitar Screeches
  • Descending Bells
  • Infinite Verb Screeches
  • Metal Body Rub
  • Planeten
  • Rubber Hits
  • Tight Spot
  • Trussart Sprangs


  • Angelic Chords Maj Min
  • Angelic Stroker Low
  • Angelic Stroker
  • Angelic Suspension 9th Min
  • Angelic Suspension 9th
  • Angelic Suspension Aug 11th
  • Angelic Suspension Maj 7th
  • Angelic Suspension Maj 11th
  • Angelic Suspension Slow 9th
  • Leo's Arpeggios Soft
  • Leo's Arpeggios
  • Leo's Pad Loopeggios

Mutated Pads:

  • Cotton Wood Trail
  • Desert Whale
  • Devil's Tower
  • Distant Organ
  • Electrified Rusty Radiator
  • Lineman Hard Attack
  • Lineman
  • Lo Wind Guitar
  • Mental Floss
  • Native Ghosts
  • Organ For A Common Man
  • Prarie Crypt
  • Reversed Melatune Style Guitar
  • Rust Bow 2
  • Rust Bow
  • Rusted Reflections
  • Rusty Hurdy Gurdy Wide
  • Rusty Hurdy Gurdy
  • Rusty Radiator
  • Rusty Tines
  • Scraped Bowl Trem
  • Scraped Bowl
  • Solitude
  • Spinning Rust Bow
  • Uncertain Company
  • Wind Guitar


  • Anemone Repeater
  • Anemone
  • AtonaChimes
  • Creaking Sub
  • Crush Shift
  • Crystal Chords
  • Dalek Synth
  • Delay The Crush Shift
  • Dense Droplets
  • Denser Smooth Droplets
  • Electric Rain
  • Flat Bottomed Fifths
  • Flitter Cloud
  • Flitter Universe
  • Gushing Swoop 2
  • Gushing Swoop
  • Happy Bubbles
  • Nazionale Noise Choir
  • Nazionale
  • Pebble Choir
  • Pebble Octaves
  • Seiz The Day
  • Slap Swoop
  • Smeared Halo Doubled
  • Smeared Halo
  • Stutter Chorus
  • Stutter
  • Torture
  • Toxic Bathroom Experiment
  • Toxic Fog
  • Ulysses
  • Underwhisper Ping Pong
  • Underwhisper
  • Warble

Redux - Loops:

  • Augmented Time
  • Bell Ring Mod
  • Bollyspace
  • Constant
  • Dark Ring Mod
  • Engagement
  • Flux Speed Particle
  • Interstellar Beam
  • Mashed Loops
  • Out There
  • Particle Loops
  • Pulse Particles
  • Rave Ring Mod
  • Rhythmic Mod
  • Sharp Ring Mod
  • Soft Ring Mod
  • Trap Delay
  • Wobble Fuzz

Redux - One Shots:

  • Delay Feedback - Extended
  • Delay Feedback Menu
  • Jam Particles 1 - Untuned
  • Jam Particles 2 - Untuned
  • Space Insects FX

Redux - VIs:

  • Bell Mod
  • Bell Particles
  • Building Wobble Mod
  • Distant Pedal with Tone Drops
  • Fuzz Wobble Mod
  • Jam Glitches 1
  • Jam Glitches 2
  • Particle Swarm
  • Ring Mod Chords
  • Slow Build Crescendo
  • Slow Build Into Light Fuzz
  • Space Insects

Rhythmic Loops:

  • Behind Bridge Natural
  • Behind Bridge Quantized
  • Capsize
  • Capture
  • Glitch Loops
  • Muted Pluck
  • Particles
  • Phone Home Natural
  • Phone Home Quantized
  • Ringer
  • Rubber Bass Natural
  • Rubber Bass Quantized
  • Scrub Gtr
  • Shudder
  • Signal
  • Stalagtites
  • Sub Cloud
  • Torture
  • Trap Delays
  • Trembling 5ths


  • Behind The Bridge
  • Broken Prairie Organ
  • Closer Sonar Ping
  • Coin Guitar Chorus
  • Coin Guitar
  • Deep Blue Pad
  • Distant Bridge Builders
  • Distant Sonar Ping
  • Fuzzwah
  • Gated Fuzz
  • Harmonic Lullabuzz 2
  • Harmonic Lullabuzz
  • Harmonics
  • Infinite Reverb Tamed
  • Infinite Reverb
  • Mellow Particles
  • Particles
  • Plucked Glitches
  • Pulsing Fizzer Pad
  • Ringer Flamm
  • Ringer
  • Rubber Bass
  • RubberDub Is Dead (Mono)
  • Slow Attack Choir
  • Slow Attack
  • Soft And Wide Synth Particles
  • Soft Infinite Reverb Tamed
  • Soft Particle Delay Machine
  • Sonar Pad
  • Synth Particles
  • Thick Monosynth
  • Trap Delay Monosynth
  • Trussart Delays
  • Trussart Pencildrop Multiples
  • Trussart Pencildrop
  • Trussart
  • Warm Glitches Delayed
  • Warm Glitches
  • Warm Wave Pad Wider
  • Warm Wave Pad

Warped Pads:

  • Bass Shrutibox
  • Bowed Guitar Requiem
  • Cave Chimes
  • Death Valley
  • Electric Fence
  • Ghost Hobos
  • Guitar Choir
  • Insect Angels
  • Last Sunrise
  • Locust Choir
  • Rustic Crystals
  • Rusty Sleigh Bells
  • Salem
  • Swan