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A Nine Harp Adventure

Nine harps playing simultaneously spread out around the Hall at Air Studios. From hauntingly slow and fast tremolandi, to long and short plucks, harmonics, and what has to be the most extraordinary selection of cascading glissandi we've ever heard. The second instalment in the Swarm story offers instant inspiration and a broad variety of uses.

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Mandolin SWARM

Chaotic Patterns of Beauty

The perfect blend of mandolins, charangos and ukuleles, featuring eighteen players spaced evenly in pairs between ribbon microphones, in The Hall at AIR Studios,. From a beautiful patina of plucked notes to jets of long notes created by a multitude of chaotic unmeasured tremolos, the result is truly inspiring swarms of beauty.

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Marimba SWARM

A Nine Marimba Odyssey

Nine marimbas placed all over the Hall at AIR Studios to create what can only be described as a tuned percussion choir. An infectious selection of single hits, through to transfixing choral tremolando patches.

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Orchestral SWARM

The Tidal Orchestra

A new standard in orchestral sample library innovation, this will significantly expand your existing orchestral palette to include a huge variety of totally unique textures. As an alternative to using only straightforward long notes, this library draws upon the pointillistic effect of having multiple players perform short notes at random intervals to create an undulating swell of sound performed in real time, for inspiring results.

Taking our Swarm approach, but adapted for the orchestra, it gives access to even greater detail by utilising the huge variety of articulations and playing styles of orchestral instruments, recorded at the famous British Grove Studios. It will give your compositions a liquid dynamic that dances alongside the picture. This library has been created exclusively in collaboration with Bleeding Fingers, and is featured in Blue Planet II and Hans Zimmer X Radiohead collaboration (ocean) bloom.

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Percussion SWARM

Bring Your Scores To Life

Percussion Swarm is a one-of-a-kind, encyclopaedic collection of beautiful cloud-like evolutions, pointillistic textures and single hits created from tuned and untuned percussion. This new world of dynamic sounds is a collaboration with three of the world’s most renowned percussionists, equipped with their enviably rare and extensive range of instruments. Following the same groundbreaking concept as our celebrated Swarm series, various techniques were performed simultaneously at random intervals in the inimitable resonance of The Hall at AIR Studios — resulting in undulating textures and swarm-like swells ranging in sparsity and density, with a staggering 16 signals to choose from. Percussion Swarm also offers you 30 warped pads and rhythmic textures, and 235 snapshots, presented in our Mercury Synth engine.

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