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The blockbuster sound

The Spitfire Symphonic range is our flagship orchestral series – bringing you the blockbuster sound of world-class musicians in the The Hall at AIR Studios, London. The luxurious natural reverb of this space has made it a favourite of film composers for decades. Because every library in this range was captured in the same space, they all sound beautiful together.

Our products

Symphonic Woodwinds updated patch GUI

Total Performance Flute

Paul Thomson - SSO Update Walkthrough

Update walkthrough

Ssb Update Midio Square

Total Performance Trumpet

The Air Studios building with a tree in the foreground

Setting up microphones inside of Air Studios

The Hall

A sound unlike any other - AIR Studios Lyndhurst Hall.

AIR Studios microphones

The Microphones

Curated mic signals and mix positions that allow your score to soar.

Neve 88R

The Mixer

An unparalleled signal path, using the legendary Neve 88R.

Tape machine

The Tape Machine

Deeply detailed by the warmth of the Studer A800R analogue 2" tape.

Air Studios

The sound of AIR

Listen to a playlist of recordings captured inside of AIR, Lyndhurst Hall.


Only available when you buy Spitfire Symphony Orchestra or Symphony Complete bundles

Air Studios large string section

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