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The original Albion concept was simple — it had to be everything you need to score a film, in one product. Now a best-selling series, each Albion fulfils this promise in a unique way, from the industry-standard Albion ONE through to the very latest chapter: Albion Colossus.

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Albion Neo Recording Session
Solstice Recording The Blaggards
Close up of brass

Colossus GUI

Now housed in our own dedicatied plugin, allowing us to add much more dynamism to this sample library than previous instalments - delivering four dimensions of control, rather than the usual two. Accompanying the standard dynamics (volume) and expression (timbre) faders are the brand new Hype, Scale and Depth controls. With these unique features, you now have more dynamic and intensity control than ever before: simple to use and incredibly effective.

All 6 volumes

Discover the wonderful world of Albion — all in one collection

Oliver Patrice Weder looking at all Albions artworks

Which Albion Is Right for You?

Albion Colossus Walkthrough

Albion Colossus Walkthrough

Scoring To Picture

Scoring to Picture with Albion ONE

Writing a modern score with Albion Neo

Writing a Modern Score with Albion NEO

Solstice Solstice Orchestra Walkthrough

Albion Solstice Walkthrough

Rocky slope in Iceland

Albion Tundra In Action

How To Write Music For Thrillers

Writing for Thrillers with Albion Uist