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Ones To Watch

Daniel Wohl

We were invited to a very special rehearsal with electronic artist Daniel Wohl and the London Contemporary Orchestra, prior to the release of Daniel’s latest audio visual project Holographic.

Our latest Ones To Watch finds us at Kings Place, a beautiful venue in Kings Cross, London, with Electroacoustic artist Daniel Wohl, whose latest project sees him team up with the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) and LA based visual artist Daniel Schwarz.

Wohl is a musician and composer born in Paris, now based in Brooklyn NY. He has produced albums, orchestral and chamber works, as well as film and ballet scores, receiving critical acclaim as one of today’s ‘imaginative skillful creators’ (NY Times). His latest collaboration with accomplished visual artist, Daniel Schwarz, sees his Electroacoustic status come alive, as his performance with the LCO is played out to the visuals of Schwarz.

Holographic is an album split into 8 movements - what you are seeing and hearing here, is movement iii entitled ‘Formless’. The album was commissioned by the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Saint Paul Chamber orchestra’s Liquid Music Series and the Baryshnikov Arts Centre.

“Holographic is about exploring  improbable combinations of both acoustic and electronic sounds. By processing or re-sampling traditional instruments like strings or percussion, I wanted to create music that retains the warmth and inconsistencies of human playing while interfacing with the technologies that are available us. 

Working with LCO at Kings Place was a wonderful experience. They add their terrific musicianship, and attention to detail to the sound, and the notes written on the page immediately come to life. What really struck me is how perfectly they were able to achieve a balance between their playing and the electronic elements. 

I’ve been fortunate to work with Daniel Schwarz on the visuals for this project. In “Formless” the third movement of the piece, he takes satellite images from Google Earth and affects them through live manipulation of audio and midi signals sent by my setup and by the live musicians.“

Daniel Wohl

Spitfire would like to say a huge thank you to Daniel Wohl, Daniel Schwarz and the London Contemporary Orchesta and everyone at the venue Kings Place for having us in for this performance.

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