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Ones To Watch

Andrea Belfi

Andrea Belfi is a drummer, composer and experimental musician. After seeing his live performance at Float PR’s Piano Day we were keen to capture it and share with you.

Italian-born Andrea started drumming at the age of 14. Andrea’s music is an exploration of deep and mysterious nocturnal spaces. When we asked him about his inspirations, he mentioned Ennio Morricone’s music; especially the soundtrack ‘Maddalena’ as well as the people of Berlin where he now lives. 

It was a great day spent with Andrea. After performing tracks from his latest album Ore (click here to listen) he started improvising, and what we have in this video is 8m34 of brilliant technical drumming and electronics, all improvised. He says when writing music he likes to immerse himself in a mood, ‘I like to create ideas very quickly, set the atmosphere without thinking too much, and then to create a natural narrative development, unfolding the structure of the piece by playing it several times in the studio and especially on a live situation.’.

Andrea’s Set Up

Bass drum, snare drum, floor tom, hi-hats and one cymbal.

Analog synthesizers called ‘Micro Modular’ with two of microphones placed on the drum set filtered by a delay pedal, a sampler pad, two MIDI controllers and a mixer.

More from Andrea Belfi at, we recommend you check out his single ‘Lead’.