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Nok Cultural Ensemble — Tape Percussion

Explosive afro-percussion meets dub and free jazz

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    Explosive afro-percussion meets dub and free jazz

    On Tape Percussion, the Nok Cultural Ensemble centre diverse Afro-diasporic percussive traditions expressed through free jazz sensibilities and glitching beats, extending the futuristic pulse of dub technologies. This intuitive toolkit opens with 5 one-shot jazz kits and 6 one-shot African percussion patches, followed by Caribbean rhythms and dub-inspired warps over 8 drum loops, 69 atmospheric scenes, and 13 tonal, melodic warped presets — complemented by a range of in-built FX. Recorded to tape at the legendary Ariwa Studios, these sounds and textures thrum, crackle, and crash with new possibilities for modern tracks and contemporary media scores.

    Led by Edward Wakili-Hick, this collective of percussion prodigies are all leading lights playing across various genres underpinning London’s eclectic jazz and beat scenes.

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    African percussion

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    Listen to Nok Cultural Ensemble — Tape Percussion

    Features The Pool Project

    Five sections

    • Full Kits (5): Detailed drum hits from five distinctive acoustic and electronic kits
    • Kit Loops (8) - Tempo-synced drum loops, stemmed out across the keyboard
    • Percussion (4): A selection of various African and Caribbean percussion instruments
    • Atmospheres (2): Experimental drum loops played live with various kits and percussion
    • Tonal Warps (13): Melodic, abstract hits and loops, warped and distorted from the original percussion recordings

    Five controls

    • Processed Signal — The dynamics slider allows you to fade into a processed signal featuring bespoke live FX from Ariwa Studios
    • Reverb — Controls the amount of reverb being added. Choose between a bespoke collection of 7 impulse responses, ranging from short studios and rooms to long, cavernous churches and halls
    • Release — Allows you to change the length of the release of a note
    • Tape Saturation — Controls the amount of tape saturation added
    • Attack — Allows you to change the length of the attack of a note

    “The music we love today - techno, drill, trap - none of this would exist without dub. With these sounds and this album, I wanted to celebrate that history and approach to sound”.

    Edward Wakili-Hick

    Nok Cultural Ensemble

    Studer tape machine
    Tape Percussion GUI

    Nok Cultural Ensemble percussionist
    Nok Cultural Ensemble percussionist
    Nok Cultural Ensemble percussionist

    What's included

    Full Kits

    A selection of deeply sampled one shot drum kits, played by Edward. Focusing on five drum kits. One higher tuned jazz kit, lower tuned muffled kit, lower tuning open tones, extended hits and an electronic kit. 3 dynamics, 3 round robins.

    • Acoustic Kit 1
    • Acoustic Kit 2
    • Acoustic Kit 3
    • Acoustic Kit 4
    • Electronic Kit

    Kit Loops

    Tempo synced loops using the drum kits, split up in stems per drum or cymbal. Different rhythms mapped to semitones.

    • Drum Loop 1 (140bpm)
    • Drum Loop 2 (140bpm)
    • Drum Loop 3 (80bpm)
    • Drum Loop 4 (140bpm)
    • Drum Loop 5 (90bpm)
    • Drum Loop 6 (170bpm)
    • Drum Loop 7 (140bpm)
    • Drum Loop 8 (140bpm)


    A selection of deeply sampled one shot percussion kits, played by different individual members of the groups. Focusing on unique West African percussion instruments. Combined into 6 presets.

    • Percussion 1
    • Percussion 2
    • Percussion 3
    • Percussion 4
    • Percussion 5
    • Percussion 6


    Atmospheric looped sounds and FX. Using kits and percussion.

    • Drum Atmospheres 1
    • Drum Atmospheres 2

    Tonal Warps

    Tuned perc and drum hits shaped into 808s and percussive style synths and pads.

    • Tuned Kick 1
    • Tuned Kick 2
    • Tuned Kick 3
    • Cymbal Pad
    • Digital Bass Tom
    • Snare Blip
    • Melodic Tom
    • Perc Tone
    • Primal Hats
    • Bass Fireworks
    • Bass Pluck
    • Mayhem Kit Loops
    • Stretched Atmos


    How do I add this library into kontakt?

    You don’t! Tape Percussion is a dedicated, free to use plugin available as VST2, VST3, AAX and AU, so it can be used directly in your favourite DAW.

    What software will I need to install?

    You will only need the Spitfire Audio App which you can download here.

    What software will I need to run this library?

    We provide a VST2, VST3, AAX and an AU, so as long as your chosen DAW supports one of those plugin formats, you’re good to go.

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    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS X 10.15 to OS 13

    Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM

    Recommended: 2.8GHz I7 (six-core), 16GB RAM

    Both Intel and Apple Silicon/ARM are supported

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    PC system requirements

    Windows 10 or Windows 11 - (Latest Service Pack, 64-bit)

    Minimum: Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM

    Recommended: Intel Core i7 6th gen and later or AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    File size

    2.67 GB install size 

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