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Soft Nylon Guitar

Written and created by Pianobook Artist - Mike Georgiades

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    Written and created by Pianobook Artist - Mike Georgiades

    Soft Nylon Guitar, from Mike Georgiades, offers the beauty and warmth of an intimately recorded nylon string guitar, whilst replicating all the behaviours and nuances of a real guitar through detailed scripting and careful calibration. As its name suggests, the samples were performed with emphasis on the soft and delicate.

    "Rather than using a full-size classical guitar and its somewhat ‘formal’ tone, I sampled a small- bodied nylon guitar that I have used countless times on my TV production music and video game scores, which offers a very flexible voice in many styles, from traditional classical and folk to modern production genres.

    After some years in development, my mission has been to offer a guitar VST capable of delivering ground-breaking realism through an intuitive real-time playing experience."

    • Hard drive delivery available at checkout
    • You can buy now and download any time

    Includes Kontakt Player (free download)

    Compatible with NKS

    Listen to Soft Nylon Guitar

    Free MIDI pack

    A free MIDI pack is now available for use with Soft Nylon Guitar. With 163 MIDI patterns and pieces (plus mp3 preview files) covering various guitar styles, this pack will help bring out all the beauty and realism of the guitar to its fullest.

    Click the button below to begin downloading immediately.

    Soft Nylon guitar GUI in Logic Pro X

    What's included


    • Soft Nylon Guitar
    • Soft Nylon Guitar - Classical Hall
    • Soft Nylon Guitar - Close Mic Room
    • Soft Nylon Guitar - Space FX1
    • Soft Nylon Guitar - Space FX2


    • Standard
    • Drop D
    • Drop G
    • Drop D & G
    • DADGAD
    • Open Major
    • Open Minor


    • Slurs - Hammer Ons & Pull Offs
    • Trills
    • Slides
    • Up to 5x Round Robin
    • Up to 4 Velocity Layers


    • Guitar Level
    • Reverb Level
    • Reverb Type
    • Guitar Width
    • Reverb Size
    • Delay Time
    • Delay Feedback
    • Delay Level
    • Pan FX
    • String Attack
    • Fret Noise Level
    • Pedal Up
    • Tuning Presets
    • Manual
    • Auto
    • Free
    • Capo Placement

    Mics & mixes

    • Classical Mix - Recorded with a spaced pair of Neumann TLM 193 Condensor Mics


    What is Pianobook?

    Pianobook is a global community of samplists who hear music in everything. Sharing sample packs, stories, music, advice and support with each other.

    What is Pianobook Artists?

    Pianobook Artists is an initiative to celebrate and reward Pianobook's top samplists. As part of this series, each Artist has contributed their best material to curate the top sample packs on the site- fully licensed in the free Kontakt Player.

    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS X 10.15 to OS 12

    Minimum Intel Quad Core i5

    4GB RAM or higher

    32bit DAWs not supported

    Machine must be connected to internet during install

    PC system requirements

    Windows 10

    Minimum Quad Core CPU

    4GB RAM or higher

    32bit DAWs not supported

    Must be connected to internet on install

    File size


    Kontakt player

    Version 5.8 or higher

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