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Soft Acoustic Guitar

A delicate steel string guitar

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  • "Soft Acoustic Guitar" and MG signature over blurred guitar neck and hands

    A delicate steel string guitar

    A beautifully recorded, meticulously crafted acoustic guitar with emphasis on the soft and delicate.

    Recorded at Spitfire HQ with a pair of vintage Neumann U87’s, MG Soft Acoustic Guitar brings the soft sweet tone of a Martin J-40 steel string acoustic guitar, featuring various playing modes including a feature-rich chord / strum system and a fully customisable step sequencer plus a MIDI Drag and Drop feature. With deep sampling covering all guitar-related articulations including mutes, harmonics, slides, slurs, vibrato and string/body hits.

    Recorded and scripted from the ground-up by composer and virtuoso guitarist Mike Georgiades, this guitar aims to set a new standard for virtual guitar libraries, offering a remarkably authentic sound out of the box, and helping to demystify the workings of the guitar for non-guitarists.

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    Includes Kontakt Player (free download)

    Acoustic Guitar

    Vintage Neumann U87’s

    Standard and custom guitar tunings

    Kontakt Player

    Listen to Soft Acoustic Guitar

    Soft Acoustic Guitar only

    Features Ambient Guitars (Enigma) and recorded bass guitar

    Recorded percussion and acoustic bass guitar

    Guitar leaning against soft in studio

    Note Mode interface in Kontakt

    Note Mode

    This is the default mode when first opening the instrument UI. As with all modes, the top half section displays the actual Martin J40 guitar from which the samples were recorded, and on the virtual fretboard any inputted (or automated) notes will be displayed.

    Chord Mode interface in Kontakt

    Chord Mode

    An all-new feature

    Chord Mode enables the chord / strumming engine, and the UI provides many options for customising the guitar's playing style.

    Sequencer Mode interface in Kontakt

    Sequencer Mode

    An all-new feature

    Sequencer Mode features a fully customisable 4-bank 32-step (max) sequencer. Users can load and edit preset sequences, or create their own from scratch and save it. Each step of the sequence can be edited to alter the played string(s), articulation, pick/strum direction and volume. A very useful additional feature is the ability to record MIDI information and drag/drop the recording to DAW.

    Calibrate panel in Kontakt

    The Calibrate Tab

    This tab deals with the overall setup of the guitar, from choosing different string tunings to adjusting levels and behaviours.

    Effects panel in Kontakt

    The FX Tab

    An all-new feature

    This is the FX section where any combination of five different effects can be activated. The user can arrange the order of the FX modules, which execute in order from left to right.

    Mike Georgiades

    What's included


    • MG Soft Acoustic Guitar.nki
    • MG Soft Acoustic Guitar - Aged.nki
    • MG Soft Acoustic Guitar - Chorus.nki
    • MG Soft Acoustic Guitar - In Space.nki
    • MG Soft Acoustic Guitar - Open Tuning.nki
    • MG Soft Acoustic Guitar - Quaver Echoes.nki
    • MG Soft Acoustic Guitar - Rhythmic.nki
    • MG Soft Acoustic Guitar - Wide Reverb.nki

    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS X 10.15 or later

    Minimum: Intel Quad Core i5, 4GB RAM

    32bit DAWs not supported

    Machine must be connected to internet during install

    PC system requirements

    Windows 10

    Minimum: Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM

    32bit DAWs not supported

    Must be connected to internet on install

    File size

    2.1GB download size

    Kontakt player

    Kontakt Player 6.7.1 or higher

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