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Clean - The natural sound of the instrument in the room.

C3-EP - The original samples processed to create a vintage electric piano sound

Pad - An otherworldly pad created by stretching and reversing the original samples

Hyped - A bespoke mix, perfect for adding impact and definition to the sound

Frozen - An ethereal pad created by processing the original samples through icy effects

Soft Glock - A super close mic-ed glockenspiel

Handbells - A set of bright handbells

Stretched - An airy pad created by stretching and warping the Handbell samples

Blown Bottles - The original samples warped and repitched to create the sound of bottles being blown, perfect for adding depth to the marimba

Soft Pad - A super soft pad created from the guitar samples

Hairpins - The original samples warped and reversed to create a swelling hairpin shaped sound

Sub - A rich and full sub bass sound

Blipper 1 - A round and bouncy short bass sound

Blipper 2 - A squelchy and resonant short bass sound

Chainsaw - An abrasive synth lead sound, created using analogue synths

Queasy - A bright and swirling analogue synth sound, processed through analogue effects

Motorize - A hissing and noisy analogue synth sound, perfect for adding air and atmosphere to the other synth sounds

BR2020 - A rich analogue pad sound, reminiscent of famous 1980s soundtracks

Wow - A full and wide pad sound created with analogue synths

Fissure - A hissing synth sound, perfect for adding air and atmosphere to the other synth sounds

Digital Warp - A metallic and futuristic version of the original samples created using spectral resonance



Flute Effects




Ethereal Pads

Aggro Synths

Bass Synths

Computer Keyboard

Latch Locker

Plastic Hangers


Bowl In A Flat

China Hits

Glass Hits

Body Shakers

Hi Hat

Paper Shaker

Tite Tamb

Wood Hits

Finger Taps

Jab Box

Soft Knocker



Does Media Toolkit Contain any existing sample content?

No, Media Toolkit is made entirely of newly recorded sample content.