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ORIGINALS: Cinematic Frozen Strings


Close - Valve spot mics summed together for a direct and upfront image of the string ensemble.

Tree - A decca tree microphone array, giving a spacious and enveloping sound.

Super Close - Clip-on mics attached to the bridge of the instruments, giving an extremely close and otherworldy perspective.


Long Flautando CS

Long Super Sul Tasto

Long Col Legno Tratto

Long Sul Tasto > Sul Pont

Long Sul Tasto > Flautando

Long No Rosin

Tremolo CS Sul Pont

Harmonic Tremolo

Short Brushed Spiccato CS

Short Mandolin Pluck

Short Col Legno

Short Brushed Sul Tasto



Does Cinematic Frozen Strings contain any existing sample content?

No, Cinematic Frozen Strings is made entirely of newly recorded sample content. 

What is the difference between Originals Intimate Strings and Originals Cinematic Frozen Strings?

Intimate Strings features 25 players, whereas Cinematic Frozen Strings features just 8 players (2,2,0,2,2 - no violas), placed antiphonally (split across the room). The extended techniques featured in Cinematic Frozen Strings are much more experimental, and are played at the quietest of levels, creating a distinctly raw, icy tone. The ‘Super Close’ signal in this library, created by recording the instruments with DPA clip-on mics placed on the bridge, gives you even more detail and definition, so you can really hear each individual instrument.

Intimate Strings techniques (9): Longs, Longs CS , Longs ½ Section, Flautando, Harmonics, Short, Short CS, Pizzicato, Short Col Legno  

Signals: Close, Tree, Vintage

What is the difference between Originals Cinematic Frozen Strings and the strings section in Albion Tundra?

The techniques in Cinematic Frozen Strings have been inspired by the string techniques used in Albion Tundra, this time featuring an eight-piece string section, whereas Albion Tundra offers a 56-piece section. This brand new set of recordings is designed to complement Albion Tundra, but can also be used on its own or with a range of other Spitfire libraries — blending particularly well with Albion NEO, LCO Textures and Contemporary Drama Toolkit.