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Albion NEO

Albion NEO is a chamber-sized orchestral sample library with an intimate string section, adding incredible definition and expression to all your scores.

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    The next chapter in our bestselling Albion series. At the heart of this modern cinematic collection is a chamber-sized orchestra with an intimate string section, split by divisi across all articulations for incredible definition and expression — all captured in the unparalleled resonance of The Hall at AIR Studios.

    These organic recordings have been taken to new dimensions to create an encyclopaedic range of hybrid synths, inspiring loops and textures, including over 300 curated presets to take your scores into the new decade, all in one instantly playable package. Where Albion ONE was for blockbusters, NEO is flexible across genres, designed to inspire a new wave of forward-thinking composers, artists and producers looking to create a closer, more emotive, hybrid sound – for TV, films and beyond.

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    Includes Kontakt Player (free download)

    Compatible with NKS

    54 articulations

    4 mics / 2 mixes

    eDNA synth engine

    Kontakt Player

    Listen to Albion NEO

    Albion NEO only

    Albion Neo Recording Session

    Albion NEO is a modern composer's dream — intimate, expressive sounds and textures, from organic, to hybrid, to electronic — instantly playable and malleable in our interactive, award-winning interfaces, specifically designed to spark new ideas, or bring your existing ideas to life. At its core is the NEO Orchestra, made up of super intimate, detailed chamber orchestra performances, with two divisi strings sections and a specially orchestrated chorus of woodwinds and brass.

    These recordings have been taken to new dimensions by our award-winning engineers to create Segla Textures: evolving orchestral textures presented in our eDNA interface — a groundbreaking synthesiser engine, giving you the opportunity to blend and mix these sounds to create new, hybrid orchestral textures. Stephenson’s Steam Band offers you combinations of vintage and modular synths as you’ve never heard them before, from Christian Henson’s personal collection, while Brunel Loops offers you 116 inspiring loops performed and curated by Spitfire’s very own talented band of musicians and engineers. Finally, what icy northern library would be complete without a pristine harmonium recorded in the cinematic splendour of The Hall at AIR Studios, both clean and warped.

    An exciting cultural shift is happening in the constantly evolving landscape of film scoring and composition, with the emergence of a new wave of progressive musicians and composers producing more emotive, daring, hybrid works, out of London, Berlin, Reykjavik and beyond. With TV series and independent films now as big as blockbusters following the rise of streaming platforms, directors are looking for a new sound — a modern, hybrid sound that fits more subtle, intimate settings, redefining film scoring for the next generation. With our groundbreaking Swarms and Evos libraries, as well as collaborations with pioneering composers and visionaries from Ólafur Arnalds to The London Contemporary Orchestra, we have been part of this new wave, creating tools that push the boundaries of orchestral music and enable you to become a part of it.

    Albion NEO encapsulates this new and beautiful revolution, taking everything we have learnt in sampling over the last ten years and applying it to our hugely successful Albion blueprint. Echoing the icy sound of Albion Tundra, but with a much smaller ensemble to give you more definition and intensity, this modern, comprehensive scoring library will provide you with endless inspiration for writing intimate sections, scoring independent films that need more focus, precision and detail, or adding beautiful, expressive sounds and textures to your production — all in one box.

    Albion Neo cellist

    Albion Neo Strings A

    The NEO Orchestra

    At the heart of Albion NEO is the NEO Orchestra. Like all of our Albion libraries, it is designed to be instantly playable and easy to use, with all instruments in each section spread across the keyboard. Capturing stunning performances from a group of 36 world-class first-call session musicians playing 54 classic and unconventional articulations, it has been carefully crafted by award-winning orchestrator Ben Foskett and Spitfire Audio’s Harry Wilson, and recorded to tape by renowned engineer Jake Jackson in the world-famous Hall at AIR Studios, London. The emotion of each performance has been captured in intense detail, with five microphone positions and two specially curated mixes to choose from.

    Albion Neo Strings B

    The Strings are split into two divisi sections, A (12) & B (11) — designed to complement each other and creating interesting combinations when played together. Discover both Longs and Shorts, plus the more unconventional, yearning Long Seagulls, Long 5th Bend Down/Up, and the icy Col Legno Tratto. We give you seven brass players, featuring Detuned, Long Pulses and Reblows, and 6 woodwind players, so soft that they sound like a breathy harmonium, featuring Long Octaves, Long Swells and Short Marcatos. We have also included pre-orchestrated Legato patches for all instruments, recorded full-band for instant playing ease.

    • 36 piece orchestra recorded to tape at AIR Studios, London
    • 54 multi-dynamic orchestral articulations split across Strings, Brass and Woodwind ensembles
    • Multi-mic control with Close, Close Ribbon, Tree, Ambient & Outriggers
    • Recorded digitally at 96k via 2" Studer tape, using priceless valve and ribbon mics
    • Multi-mic control with Close, Close Ribbon, Tree, Ambient & Outriggers
    • Single patch, for easy playability
    • Two specially curated mixes

    23 Strings (Divisi)

    • Band A - 12 (3, 2, 2, 3, 2)
    • Band B - 11 (3, 2, 2, 3, 1)

    6 Woodwinds

    • Flute 1 - dbl Alto
    • Flute 2 - dbl Bass
    • Clarinet in Bb - dbl Bass
    • Bass Clarinet
    • Sax 1 - Alto dbl Baritone
    • Sax 2 - Tenor dbl Bass

    7 Brass

    • 2 Horn
    • 2 Flugelhorn
    • 2 Euphonium
    • 1 Bass Trombone


    Complementing the brass, we also give you a Harmonium, beautifully recorded in the Hall at AIR with two combinations of stops. The warped content folder, presented in our Mercury Synth engine, invites you to take this classic instrument to new dimensions.

    Albion Neo violinist

    Albion Neo Segla Textures

    Segla textures

    Evolving, inspiring textures and loops, made from our organic NEO recordings and presented in our sophisticated, interactive eDNA Engine.

    The eDNA Engine gives you endless creative possibilities — the go-to tool for creating pads and effects that perfectly bridge the electronic and the orchestral, now including a new built-in arpeggiator

    • Includes 85 organic and electronic curated presets
    • Techniques include super sul tasto, tremolo harmonics and col legno tratto, as well as more progressive techniques such as seagulls, pulses and slow detunes
    • Curated by Spitfire founder and composer Christian Henson and our expert team of engineers

    Albion Neo Steam Band

    Stephenson's steam band

    A collection of modern, cinematic, hybrid synth pads and textures housed in our dynamic eDNA engine, made from our organic NEO recordings and Christian Henson’s rare vintage synth and modular collection. In keeping with the NEO soundscape, the aim was to extract and enhance the emotion from every sound, taking them to new, warped dimensions.

    • 108 unique curated presets, treated, warped and mangled by Christian Henson and Spitfire producer Harry Wilson
    • A vast steam synthesiser, made from the organic NEO recordings and a selection of Christian Henson’s rare vintage synths
    • Organic sounds fed through Christian’s modular rig, an enviable array of pedals and vintage tape machines to create innovative and cutting edge hybrid and electronic pads, loops and textures
    Close up of strings
    Albion Neo Brunel Loops Wide

    An extraordinary collection of subtly evolving, hypnotic loops, taking inspiration from Jon Brion (Magnolia, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and the work of Nick Cave, and Warren Ellis. Performed and developed by Spitfire’s talented musicians and engineers, these will become your “get out of jail sounds” an array of instantly gratifying gems from the heart of London.

    • 116 inspiring and emotive loops, from subtle and dreamy to rhythmic and distorted
    • Workshopped, performed and developed by Spitfire's very own incredible musicians and engineers
    • Experimental combinations of amplified stringed instruments, guitars and pedals, synthesisers (Solina, Rhodes, Juno 106, MS20 and more), tape loops, tuned and untuned drums and percussion, Space Echos, and field recordings
    • Multiple methods of playback: Loops of varying depth and intensity, presented in mixes and stems at their original pitch; our favourite stems mapped chromatically across the keyboard
    • Choose the full band or select groups of instruments individually — split into Percussion, Guitar, Synth Hi and Low, and Organic (untreated stems)
    • Direction fader function, enabling you to reverse each loop
    • Tempo sync to your DAW or host tempo

    Albion NEO spells the end of writer's block.

    Christian Henson

    Spitfire Audio co-founder and award-winning composer

    Albion Neo mountain

    All 6 volumes

    Discover the wonderful world of Albion — all in one collection

    What's included

    Albion NEO orchestra

    • Strings A (12)
    • Strings B (11)
    • Woodwinds (6)
    • Brass (7)
    Strings A
    • Long 5th Bend Up
    • Long Col Legno Tratto
    • Long CS
    • Long Flautando
    • Long Harmonics
    • Long Octave Blended
    • Long Octave Separate
    • Long Pulses
    • Long Slow Detune
    • Long Sul Tasto
    • Long Super Sul Tasto CS
    • Long Super Sul Tasto
    • Long Tremolo
    • Long
    • Short Pizzicato
    • Short Spiccato CS Brushed
    • Short Spiccato
    Strings B
    • Long 5th Bend Down
    • Long Col Legno Tratto
    • Long CS
    • Long Flautando Pulses
    • Long Flautando
    • Long Harmonics
    • Long Octave Blended
    • Long Seagulls
    • Long Sul Tasto
    • Long Super Flautando CS
    • Long Super Flautando
    • Long Tremolo
    • Long
    • Short Pizzicato
    • Short Spiccato CS Brushed
    • Short Spiccato
    • Woodwinds - Long Detuned
    • Woodwinds - Long Hollow
    • Woodwinds - Long Pulses
    • Woodwinds - Long Reblow
    • Woodwinds - Long
    • Woodwinds - Short Marcato
    • Woodwinds - Short Staccatissimo
    • Brass - Long Detuned
    • Brass - Long Hollow
    • Brass - Long Octaves
    • Brass - Long Pulses
    • Brass - Long Swells
    • Brass - Long
    • Brass - Short Marcato
    • Brass - Short Staccatissimo
    Legato techniques
    • Strings A — High Legato
    • Strings A — Low Legato
    • Strings B - High Legato
    • Strings B - Low Legato
    • Woodwinds - Legato
    • Brass - Legato
    Other patches
    • Strings A - Economic
    • Strings A - Light resources
    • Strings A - Time machine
    • Strings B - Economic
    • Strings B - Light resources
    • Strings B - Time machine
    • Woodwinds - Economic
    • Woodwinds - Light resources
    • Woodwinds - Time machine
    • Brass - Economic
    • Brass - Light resources
    • Brass - Time Machine


    • Combo A
    • Combo B

    Warped content

    • Delayed
    • Fast Trem
    • Juicy Phase
    • Twisted Chorus
    • Warehouse Rock
    • XYZ

    Brunel loops

    • After the Storm
    • Arp Pulses
    • Caught in the Reeds
    • Detuned Suburbs
    • Drifting
    • Driver
    • Driving Arp
    • Edge of the Cliff
    • Fields
    • First Light
    • Hanging Back
    • Jumping
    • Last Light
    • Light Above the Clouds
    • Nighthawks
    • Proposed
    • Sun on the Horizon
    • Suspended in Space

    Segla textures

    Dev kits
    • Segla Tones
    • Band Contraption
    • Brass Glass
    • Cassette Tape Strings
    • Digitized Strings
    • Distant Haunters
    • Felt Strings
    • Filtration vs Pit-Gate
    • Flexing Brass n Strings
    • Gated Strings
    • Gentle Brass Pad
    • Glitch Mode
    • Glitch Release
    • Glitchtenstein
    • I Dont Know What It Is
    • Intimate Requiem-Accomp
    • Lost In The Blinding Whiteness
    • Mod Pad Fast Arp
    • Mod Pad Fast
    • Mod Pad Slow Arp
    • Mod Pad Slow
    • Rei Strings
    • Slip 'n' Slide Lead
    • Slip 'n' Slide
    • Slow Glass-Gate
    • Slow Nyman-Gate
    • Soft Meadow
    • Space Glitter
    • Space Tremolos
    • Space Tundra
    • String Contraption 2
    • String Contraption 3
    • This Is The Bend
    • Trem Bends
    • Tundra Tones
    • Vacuum
    • Volatile FX
    • War Horn
    • Wood Waltz
    • A Hair and Some Air
    • Almost Nothing Strings
    • Arp Bends
    • Bend It Like Borodin
    • Best Ever Brass Pad
    • Best Ever Woods Pad
    • Bombers
    • Brass Nyman-Gate
    • Come Down With Me
    • Connections
    • Delete Beach Arp
    • Delete Beach
    • Distant Memories
    • Distant Requiem-Accomp
    • Drifting Beauty
    • Evening Song
    • Farewell
    • Frozen Lake
    • Humble Requiem-Accomp
    • Humble Requiem 2
    • Humble Requiem 3
    • Humble Umdulations
    • Kilometers Davis
    • Knocker Dog
    • Lush Pad
    • Mirage
    • Mystery Spot
    • PityStrings-Gate
    • Rocket Launch
    • Sahara
    • Seagultasto
    • Shape Stretching
    • Silk
    • Silk+Gate-Gate
    • Slow Detune to Fast Tremolo
    • Slow Detune to Tremolo
    • Steppe
    • Stratosphere
    • String Contraption-Accomp
    • The Big Twist
    • Threads
    • Up & Down
    • Valhalla
    • Vertigo
    • Woods Arp
    • Woods

    Stephenson's steam band

    Dev kits
    • Stephenson's Dev Kit NEO Shorts
    • Stephenson's Dev Kit NEO
    • Alien Radio Station Pad
    • Alien Radio Station
    • Argon Windbells
    • Arpenteur
    • Bleep Bloop
    • Bright Gated Pad
    • Carnation
    • Chrysanthemum
    • Clock Anew
    • Crusty Cream
    • Cyngus A
    • Electro Harmonium Circa 1889
    • Exo Opening
    • Fat Synth Bass
    • Fatter Synth Bass
    • Gated Evolving Pad
    • Golden Pad MKI
    • Golden Pad MKII
    • Golden Pad MKII Wet Full Bandwidth
    • Golden Pad MKII Wet
    • Golden Pad MKII
    • Heavy Duty
    • Hoags Object
    • Holmberg II
    • I'm Complicated Pad
    • Intrigue Gate Pad
    • Just Best Ever Pad
    • LAB D
    • Lemesou 14
    • Los Angeles 2019
    • Maffei 2
    • Malin 1
    • Mother Plucker
    • Motions
    • Old Organ Trance
    • Organ Pathfinder
    • Phalaenopsis
    • Phase 1 String
    • Pinwheel Galaxy
    • Small Megallanic Cloud
    • Smoking Wires
    • Sombrero
    • Squirmer Pad
    • Subcillate Water Delays
    • Tense Intensions
    • Tulip
    • Twine Appetite
    • Unreliable PAD - MW Intensity
    • Verything Is Wrong 2 Dry Pad (MW - Filter)
    • Verything Is Wrong Dry Pad (MW - Filter)
    • Victory Arp
    • Virgo Stellar Stream
    • Alstroemeria
    • Andromeda
    • Beautiful Drone
    • Behind Tension
    • Black Eye
    • Bubbling Envy Pad
    • Caramel Dawn Pad Slow
    • Caramel Dawn Pad
    • Cartwheel
    • Centaurus
    • Choir Gate PaD - MW Gate n Filter
    • CHs Fave Pad
    • Circinus Galaxy
    • Clusterflodd
    • Dark World
    • Distant Buzz Pad
    • Distant Train Rails
    • Draco Dwarf
    • Drunk Sinatra
    • Eerie Glow
    • Electro Shards Pad
    • Floating Waves Pad
    • Fornax Dwarf
    • Glitching Haze Pad
    • Hyacinth
    • Insect Electrocution Pad
    • Large Megallanic Cloud
    • Lo Fi and Lovely PAD - MW Intensity
    • Maffei 1
    • Messier 81
    • Messier 82
    • Mildly Unstable Pad
    • Milky Way
    • Most Inspiring Pad Ever
    • Never Heard A Pad Like This Before
    • Orchid
    • Out Of Control Pad
    • P.M.G.L.P
    • Pisces
    • Replicant Incubator
    • Silent Hill
    • Space Glitter Smoosh
    • Sparkling Organ
    • Stringth Basic
    • Strinng Fizz
    • Swirmer Pad
    • Tadpole
    • Theectovoice
    • Under Bass Slow
    • Under Bass
    • Unpredictable Lead
    • Whirlpool
    • Wonder Pluck

    Mics & mixes


    • Close
    • Close Ribbon
    • Tree
    • Ambient
    • Outriggers


    • Mix 1
    • Mix 2



    Wow... the textures – an entire orchestra, manipulated at my fingertips.

    Carly Paradis Composer (The Innocents, Line of Duty)

    This is amazing – out of this world. Exactly the sounds I have been looking for.

    Andy Gray Songwriter (The Bourne Identity, Get Carter, Blade II)

    A bewitching collection of instruments, ideal for contemporary scoring.


    Why do I need this product?

    This is an excellent entry point to the world of virtual orchestration. This modern and progressive library offers a wide range of instruments, loops and hybrid sounds, all in one easy to use package. Building on our work in Albion Tundra, we have gone further with our recordings, working with some of the world’s best players and engineers to create a unique palette sounds. Albion NEO will work well alongside any other libraries recorded in AIR Studios.

    Is Albion NEO a replacement for Albion Loegria?

    No. Albion NEO is a brand new product that is 100% separate from Albion Loegria. Albion Loegria was retired as it is no longer in line with the quality of our other products. There is no crossgrade available from Albion Loegria.

    Does this product contain content from other existing products?


    Read more FAQs for this product

    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS 11, 12 or 13 

    Both Intel and Apple Silicon/ARM are supported

    Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM

    Recommended: 2.8GHz I7 (six-core), 16GB RAM

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    PC system requirements

    Windows 10 or Windows 11 - (Latest Service Pack, 64-bit)

    Minimum: Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM

    Recommended: Intel Core i7 6th gen and later or AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    File size

    ~41321 samples

    59.4 GB download size

    59.40 GB disk space required during install

    Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout

    Kontakt player

    Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher

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