New to Spitfire? Here we answer the very basics.

What does Spitfire Audio do?

We record instruments being played one note at a time and combine them into ‘sample libraries’. This allows you to perform and compose using those instruments within your DAW (digital audio workstation).

How do I get started?

First, set up an account here. Then you’ll be able to purchase our libraries and download directly to your computer (you can also purchase a hard drive version).

Most of our libraries require either Kontakt Full (which you can buy here), or Kontakt Player (which is free and available here). These are software samplers made by Native Instruments - they work with all DAWs and must be installed to use our libraries. If you’re not sure which version a library requires, check the ‘Key Stats’ on the library’s page. Our dedicated plugins work directly inside your DAW.

Kontakt Full library examples: Leo Abrahams - Enigma - Samuel Sim- Chrysalis - Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit - PP017 Evo Grid 1 - Glass And Steel

Kontakt Player (free) library examples:- Albion ONE - Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions - Albion V Tundra - Spitfire Chamber Strings - Hans Zimmer Percussion

Dedicated Plugin examples:- Phobos - Hans Zimmer Strings

How does it work?

Once you’ve created a track and loaded Kontakt in your DAW, you can access your Spitfire library. Depending on what version of Kontakt it requires, you load the sounds in different ways (see FAQ).

Our Kontakt based libraries are based on 3 types of interface:


This interface gives you access to a range of parameters controlling the instruments we’ve sampled, as well as the ability to switch between different articulations. The initial overview gives you a quick and easy way to access, view and load the different articulations, mic mixes and essential controller functions which you can then re-assign to suit your workflow, with a deeper but still simple UI panel that allows you to tweak the general settings available for further tweaking.

Libraries based on the Standard interface: Spitfire Symphonic Strings - Mandolin Swarm

EDNA Engine

Two sets of sounds can be used in conjunction with the eDNA engine to quickly and dramatically create a new audio experience. Loading them into ‘Bay A’ and ‘Bay B’, various different automation parameters can be set, alongside a wealth of FX.

Libraries based on eDNA interface: eDNA Earth - Glass and Steel


This interface is used for long and evolving samples, with sounds mapped to different sections of the keyboard. This is displayed on the GUI as a grid, with the sounds or Evolutions on the X axis (numbered 1 upwards), and Key-Range on the Y axis. Each Key-Range can then be set a specific sound with a Peg on the Grid. Interesting combinations of sounds can be instantly generated by randomising the selection using the Dice at the top of the grid.

Libraries based on Evo Grid interface: Evo Grid Series - Olafur Arnalds Evolutions


Kickstart is a Kontakt interface dedicated to percussive instruments and libraries. It displays our percussive instruments with an intuitive way of accessing their various playing styles and techniques in a single patch, as well as providing quick and simple mapping to drum pads and e-kits.

Libraries based on Kickstart interface: Spitfire Percussion - The Grange


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