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Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional

Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional includes additional mixes, including CPU-friendly stereo mixes and 10 individual microphone positions.

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  • The ultimate cinematic drum sample library

    Spitfire Audio joins forces with the biggest name in film scoring to produce the ultimate drum sample library for cinematic percussion. Featuring the ensembles and solo instruments used by Oscar-winning Hans Zimmer in his blockbuster scores, we've drawn on his years of creativity and studio experimentation to give you all you need to create epic drum composition. From tombeks to taikos, playing from whisperingly quiet to thunderously loud, we’ve worked with Hans' Grammy award-winning team to capture the highest quality recordings, featuring the same players in Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios, London, where Hans records his biggest scores, all mixed and produced by the man himself.

    The Professional edition also includes additional mixes by producer royalty Junkie XL, Geoff Foster, Alan Meyerson and Steve Lipson, including CPU-friendly stereo mixes and 10 individual microphone positions.

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    Includes Kontakt Player (free download)

    Compatible with NKS

    Ensemble and solo instruments

    Additional mixes

    Kontakt Player

    Listen to Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional

    Hans Zimmer Percussion combines the output from two extraordinary recording blocks. Material from the “London Ensembles” block features four of Hans’ go-to percussionists - Frank Ricotti, Gary Kettel, Stephen Henderson, Paul Clarvis - performing a variety of instruments and styles, in what is essentially a distillation of over a decade's worth of musical experimentation and innovation.

    This includes his classic selection of drum ensembles and key solo instruments:

    Low Booms, Low Boom Gallery, Taiko Ensemble, Tamtam Ensemble, Boobams Ensemble, Hi Taiko Solo, Low Taiko Solo, Large Taiko Solo, Bass Drum Gallery, Gong Drum Gallery Solo, Surdu Ensemble, Dohl Ensemble, Tombek Ensemble, Bombo Ensemble, Buckets & Snares Ensemble, Buckets & Crushers Ensemble, Bucket Top & Darbuka, Paper Djun, Piatti, Anvils, Timpani Ensemble. Instruments played by Paul Clarvis include: Bucket, Snare, Crusher, Paper Djun, Tombek, Dohl, Darbuka, Surdu.

    The remainder of the library features long term Hans collaborator and percussion legend, Paul Clarvis (SpectreThe Dark Knight, Harry PotterStar Wars) who plays a beautiful selection of solo instruments that offer added bite, detail, focus, clarity and nuance to this epic series. Hans loves the quiet layers more than any other so as well as the bitey thunder you'd expect, there are lower layers that offer up the potential for engaging delicate drum programming to help tick your cues along.

    Hans Zimmer Portrait

    HZP pro GUI

    Kickstart engine

    This interface is built especially for our percussive libraries to make it easy to map sounds to any connected MIDI interface. It also includes the microphone mixer and available feature controllers.

    HZP pro GUI

    Kickstart 2

    An additional kickstart interface for the timpani allowing you to play the full range of these instruments in a separate patch.

    What's included

    Taiko ensemble

    • Ensemble - Hit
    • Ensemble - Roll
    • High - Hit
    • High - Roll
    • High - Puilli Hit
    • High - Rim Hit
    • Low - Hit
    • Low - Roll
    • Low - Rim Hit
    • Low - Puilli Hit
    • Large - Hit
    • Large - Roll
    • Large - Rim Hit
    • Large - Puilli Hit

    Paper djun

    • Ensemble - Hit
    • Ensemble - Roll
    • Solo - Hit **
    • Solo - Hit (alt) **
    • Solo - Roll **

    Bombo ensemble

    • Hard Hit
    • Hard Roll
    • Soft Hit
    • Soft Roll
    • Hand Hit
    • Hand Roll
    • Finger Roll
    • Flam

    Surdo ensemble

    • Ensemble - Hit
    • Ensemble - Roll
    • Solo - Hit **
    • Solo - Roll **

    Low boom

    • Hard Hit
    • Hard Roll
    • Soft Hit
    • Soft Roll
    • Rim Hit
    • Rim Roll
    • Puilli Hit
    • Puilli Roll

    Low boom gallery

    • Hard Hit
    • Hard Roll
    • Soft Hit
    • Soft Roll
    • Rim Hit
    • Puilli Hit

    Bass drum gallery

    • Hard Hit
    • Hard Roll
    • Soft Hit
    • Soft Roll
    • Rim Hit
    • Puilli Hit

    Gong drum

    • Hard Hit
    • Hard Roll
    • Soft Hit
    • Soft Roll
    • Rim Hit
    • Puilli Hit
    • Alt Hit

    Dhol ensemble

    • Ensemble - Stick Hit
    • Ensemble - Hand Hit
    • Solo - Hand Hit **
    • Solo - Hand Top **
    • Solo - Hand Bottom **
    • Solo - Stick Hit **
    • Solo - Stick Top **
    • Solo - Stick Bottom **


    • Hit **
    • Fist **
    • Slap **
    • Tap **


    • Hit **
    • Flam **
    • Roll **

    Tombek ensemble

    • Ensemble - Hit
    • Ensemble - Slap
    • Ensemble - Tap
    • Solo - Hit **
    • Solo - Slap **
    • Solo - Tap **


    • Random Hit
    • Random Rod
    • Beater Hit - F3
    • Beater Hit - G3
    • Beater Hit - A3
    • Beater Hit - B3
    • Beater Hit - C4
    • Rod Hit - F3
    • Rod Hit - G3
    • Rod Hit - A3
    • Rod Hit - B3
    • Rod Hit - C4
    • Hand Hit - F3
    • Hand Hit - G3
    • Hand Hit - A3
    • Hand Hit - B3
    • Hand Hit - C4
    • Hand Hit - D4
    • Hand Hit - E4
    • Hand Hit - F4


    • Solo - Hit **
    • Solo - Flam **
    • Solo - Roll **
    • + Snares Ens - Hit
    • + Snares Ens - Flams
    • + Snares Ens - Roll
    • + Crushers Ens - Hit
    • + Crushers Ens - Roll
    • + Darbuca Ens - Hit
    • + Darbuca Solo - Hit **
    • + Darbuca Solo - Hit (alt) **


    • Hit
    • Scrape
    • Scrape (long)
    • Scrape (Choke)
    • Scrape (Spatial)
    • Roll
    • Roll (Spatial)
    • Roll (Inverse)


    • Piattis - Hit
    • Piattis - Choked Hit
    • Anvils - Hit
    • Crusher - Hit **
    • Crusher - Roll **


    • Hard Stick Hit
    • Soft Stick Hit
    • Rod Stick Hit
    • Hard Stick Roll
    • Soft Stick Roll
    • Rod Stick Roll
    ** Not present for Junkie XL, Steve Lipson or stereo mixes

    Mics & mixes

    Across all instruments

    Hans Zimmer artist elements
    • HZ Close Perspective
    • HZ Room Perspective
    • HZ Surround (Far) Perspective
    Alan Meyerson artist elements
    • AM Close Perspective
    • AM Room Perspective
    • AM Surround (Far) Perspective
    Geoff foster artist elements
    • GF Close Mics
    • GF Tree Mics
    • GF Outrigger (Wide) Mics
    • GF Surround (Far) Mics
    Additional mics
    • Bottle Mics Stereo
    • Mid Mics
    • Gallery Mics
    • Overheads Cardioid
    • Mid PZM
    • Ambient Pair

    Across the ensemble content only (HZ01)

    Stereo mixes
    • HZ Stereo Mix
    • AM Stereo Mix
    • GF Stereo Mix
    • JXL Stereo Mix
    • SL Stereo Mix
    Junkie XL artist elements
    • JXL Close Perspective
    • JXL Room Perspective
    • JXL Surround (Far) Perspective


    I already own HZ01 and HZ03 and I want Hans Zimmer Percussion, how do I get it?

    If you already own HZ01 and HZ03, you will receive Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional completely free of charge on the day of release!

    Is Hans Zimmer Percussion the same as HZ01 and HZ03, are they the same thing?

    Hans Zimmer Percussion is a consolidation of Hans Zimmer’s mixes from HZ01 and HZ03, plus additional features (see next question).

    Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional contains additional microphones and mixes from Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, Alan Meyerson, Steve Lipson and Geoff Foster.

    Does Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional use the same content as HZ01 and HZ03?

    Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional does use the same content as HZ01 and HZ03 but they are distinct and separate libraries. That means that if you already have HZ01 and/or HZ03 and choose to download Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional, you will effectively be downloading the content again.

    If you own Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional and do not need to keep HZ01 and HZ03 for compatibility with old sessions, you may wish to delete the HZ01 and HZ03 libraries in order to free up space on your drives.

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    Tech specs

    Mac system requirements

    Mac OS 11, 12 or 13 

    Both Intel and Apple Silicon/ARM are supported

    Minimum: 2.8GHz i5 minimum (quad-core), 8GB RAM

    Recommended: 2.8GHz I7 (six-core), 16GB RAM

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    PC system requirements

    Windows 10 or Windows 11 - (Latest Service Pack, 64-bit)

    Minimum: Intel 2.8 GHz i5 (quad-core) or AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB RAM

    Recommended: Intel Core i7 6th gen and later or AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM

    32-bit systems are not supported.

    File size

    ~92254 samples

    351.6 GB uncompressed .wav

    131.9 GB download size

    263.80 GB disk space required during install

    Too large to download? Choose hard drive delivery at checkout

    Kontakt player

    Kontakt or Kontakt Player 5.6.8 or higher

    Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional sounds great with…