Up Close: Charlie Clouser - Que Lastas

Charlie welcomed us into his home and studio in Topanga to give us an exclusive peek at two extraordinary and unique pieces of musical art. Renowned for his contribution to the world of the Saw franchise, Wayward Pines and numerous others, Charlie is a kindred spirit and very great friend of Spitfire. For not only is he a fellow sound smith, but also the creator of entire sonic universes. In this brief film Charlie demonstrates how resolute he is to always test himself, and us the listener.

Charlie has known musician and metal sculptor Chas Smith for many years, and it is the longevity of this relationship that helped Chas to finally decide to part with one of his treasured sonic creations. Rumour has it that John Williams commissioned the creation of the Que Lastas for a suite of music written for the opening of the Disney Concert Hall in LA. Christian and the team were so honoured to be introduced to the inception and creation of these special instruments and how Charlie uses them in his amazing work. We hope the film captures the sonic uniqueness of these pieces. When we were there you could literally feel the floor vibrate with the incredible undertones created. One of the unexpected honours of working at Spitfire is to experience something totally unique; to be standing there listening to something or experiencing something no one else on the planet is experiencing at that time.

We thank Charlie for his incredible generosity in giving us so much of his precious time. The whole Spitfire crew would also like to thank him for his amazing masterclass that he conducted at NAMM. I don’t think anyone there left without taking some truly valuable knowledge away with them.