In Depth: Scoring to Picture

When scoring to picture you have a great deal of power. You control the viewers emotion and perception to what they are witnessing. You give them the back story before a single word has been said. Going into the Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolution project, we wanted to capture Ólafur’s homeland of Iceland in a new way. Filming life and people in towns and cities. Keep the videos simple following a character or characters doing every day things, allowing a chance for the music to lead the emotion of the scene. The 4 videos are ‘Between A Tree And A Tree.’, ‘Can You See Through.’, ‘I’ll Ask Him.’ and ‘That Start Very Small.’. We tasked Oliver with scoring each video using the new Chamber Evolutions library, we set briefs and let him loose. This tutorial shows his approach and thinking behind the composition and production choices.