The Spitfire L.A. Diary

This month the Spitfire team made a trip to LA for our 10th Anniversary Pop-Up and Evening event with some special guests. 

11.05.2017 Travel to LA.

The team arrived at LAX around 8.00 pm, and after an unusually quick immigration experience, travelled 30 minutes from the airport to our hotel, The Standard Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. After checking in and dropping our bags off, it was time to find something to eat. With confused body clocks, we chose at eat somewhere close and settled on the Saddle Ranch Chop House, where we were all very amused by the size of the appetisers!

12.05.2017 IMSTA Festa Set-Up & Pop-Up meeting

After a smooth journey to LA and a good sleep, our first morning in LA began with breakfast beside the pool at The Standard Hollywood. The plan for the day was to make sure our two composers, Oliver and Homay, were happy with our studio and set up for IMSTA Festa LA at the SAE Institute Los Angeles. With everything taking shape, Grace, Harry and Loren headed over to Carondelet House, the location of our LA pop-up event, for a meeting with their on site team and a final spot check. Later on, we were able to enjoy a good few hours in the Californian sunshine. Multiple games of ping-pong later, we realised we’d made the rookie mistake of not applying enough sunscreen and were looking a delightful shade of pink!

The last details for the LA Pop-Up event were finalised, and Oliver and Homay were happy with their set up at IMSTA Festa, so it was time for well deserved dinner at a great place called Animal. The food was incredible!

13.05.2017 IMSTA FESTA LA & Final Pop-Up Preparations

The team were up bright and early for a whole day at IMSTA LA, where Oliver and Homay spent their time showing people Spitfire libraries. In the afternoon, the rest of the team went out to collect the final pieces needed for the Pop-Up event that was fast approaching. In the evening Christian and Will landed and joined the team for dinner at Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood. 

14.05.2017 A Day to Explore

After a successful IMSTA Festa LA and preparations for our Pop-Up event wrapped up, the team took the day to explore the city. We all began by having brunch at, Gjusta, which is becoming a Spitfire favourite, with the majority of us ordering the Croque Madame breakfast. Afterwards it was a stroll along the streets to Venice Beach. After scorching ourselves yet another shade of pink, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, stopping off at Amoeba Music on Sunset Boulevard to work up an appetite. Safe to say, we all spent a good couple of hours in there and returned with quite an eclectic mix of vinyls! Dinner this evening was at a rock-n-roll themed Thai restaurant called Toi On Sunset

15.05.2017 The Event

The day of the long awaited Spitire LA Pop-up was finally upon us, and after a very large breakfast, we were ready for what going to be a long day for the team. We arrived at the Carondelet House at 9am sharp to get started with building our Spitfire rigs, as well as the staging for the evening event. Everything was running smoothly, London Contemporary Orchestra arrived to begin their open rehearsal, and at 12pm our first guests arrived for the day time Pop-Up. 

The four hours that we were open flew by, and the quick transition of the space from daytime to evening was complete just in time for reopening at 7pm. The lucky 200 people who managed to get a ticket for the evening event queued down the street waiting for doors to open, which we were amazed by. The evening consisted of of 3 Masterclasses. The first was with ESKMO the talent behind the series score for Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why, followed by our very own Christian Henson who talked us through his score for Inside No. 9 accompanied by a fantastic quartet from the London Contemporary Orchestra. To round off a great evening, Charlie Clouser took to the stage to give an in-depth look into his latest score for Saw and Wayward Pines

We want to thank everyone who came along to see us at our event, as well as to all of you who have been following our updates!