SA Recordings is a brand new record label and music platform dedicated to sounds and recordings by contemporary composers. Our vision is to create unrivalled opportunities for artists whose work breaks down preconceived ideas of what it means to be a composer. We are dedicated to finding new ways to create, arrange and share music.

The label seeks to push the boundaries of what a modern label can be: kickstarting creative collaborations, funding and aiding one-off projects, producing exceptional limited edition merchandise, and – most excitingly – developing bespoke, artist-led sample libraries for our audience to enjoy.

Existing within the ever-evolving worlds of classical, contemporary, film, avant-garde, electronic and experimental music, our mission is always to support music created with real instruments by some of the most talented modern international composers.

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Oliver Patrice Weder — Studio Session: Amsterdam

SA Recordings’ debut release comes from artist and lead Spitfire Audio composer Oliver Patrice Weder. 

Oliver’s EP ‘Studio Session: Amsterdam’ features three live recordings of songs from his forthcoming album, set for release on SA Recordings in 2019. To celebrate Oliver’s debut EP, and to mark the launch of SA Recordings, we have made a limited run of bespoke 7” vinyl.

behind the record

“The artwork is a collage of my life in Amsterdam, captured through the lens of my good friend and photographer Lee Kirby. We share an appreciation for similar visual references and ideas, and having worked together before, it felt very natural to collaborate. He travelled over for a two-day visit, and as well as showing him ‘my Amsterdam’, taking him to my favourite and most inspiring places, he went off to capture some impressions himself, making the artwork a true collaboration.

I am a huge fan of street photography — there is something very magical about capturing a moment in time, which also aligns perfectly with the live recordings I did in my studio on the canals of Amsterdam.”

 — Oliver Patrice Weder

“I am very honoured to have been commissioned for SA Recordings’ first EP release, and to work alongside such a great team of creative people. The final artwork for the EP is a homage to one of my favourite artists, David Hockney. His use of collaging polaroids was the primary reference for the project. 

The idea was to create 16 unique covers for the lucky people who managed to get hold of one. Then, all together in a grid formation the 16 prints act as the digital artwork. With Hockney in mind, I used the same Polaroid camera that he used in the 70s, which I already owned — a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera. 

This was my first visit to Amsterdam, so I was photographing the city with fresh eyes. I wanted each polaroid to tell its own story and to stand alone as a piece of artwork, as well as having a connection to Oliver’s life in Amsterdam. The grid also references Oliver’s forthcoming LP artwork, which I have also been working on over the past year.”

 — Lee Kirby