Eric Whitacre's 'Sleep' Live at Air Studios

One of the great pleasures of operating out of one of the most vibrant music communities in the world - Tileyard Studios - is the chance of a random encounter that can be life changing. So it came to pass that Christian was working away in his studio and was briefly interrupted by Nick Keynes (the brains behind the Tileyard concept) who was taking a striking looking American chap around the site to look at the 80 or so recording studios that had been built over the last 3 years. Eric was introduced as someone who ‘does a lot of choral compositions’, Christian did his usual spiel and off went the American to see Paul’s studio - directly opposite Christian’s. After resuming work for a few minutes, CH suddenly went “hang on... choral... Eric... was that?!…”. Running into the corridor, Paul’s door opened and Paul peered round it finishing CH’s sentence “Eric Fucking Whitacre?!” to which Christian responded “I think it fucking was!”. 

Their next move was to perform an email based rugby tackle of their recent visitor, and so, set the cogs into motion of a courtship, which has grown into a creative partnership, and now a great friendship with one of the most fantastic forces in modern composition. Together we’re making something very special for 2017... But for now, and for you for Christmas, here’s a little line check Eric cooked up with his band of amazing singers!