Music Editor - Christopher Benstead

Chris talks us through his work on the 2017 blockbuster release of Beauty And The Beast.

As a music editor for film, the job can take you through many areas of the music and sound production process, and this is taken to a whole new level when the film is a live action remake of a well-known Disney musical. Christopher Benstead’s credits include Gravity, Wonder Woman, Brave and Thor (to name a few...), as well as the cinematic musical Nine, directed by Rob Marshall. Chris’ recent success with Beauty and the Beast differs greatly from a film like Nine, in its use of CGI characters alongside human protagonists such as Belle (Emma Watson). Spitfire’s James Bellamy, a former music editor, talks with Chris about how the sound team approached the challenge of lip-syncing and CGI characters, as well as other unique situations which arose and were overcome during both the production and post production processes. They also discuss some other notable projects, including Chris’ Academy Award winning work on Gravity.

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