Join Christian on his new Youtube Channel

Words by Christian Henson

At first I was reluctant to appear in front of camera -  I grew up with a famous Mum and I found the intrusion on our privacy a real blight on my childhood. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise however when after a while of making quick tips and tutorials I got to like staring at a camera and talking rubbish into it. With two fellow musicians / composers Keaton and Joe (aka one half of The Flight) as brothers, two parents who are actors, my cousin Adam who is an anchor on a very popular TV series called Country File, born of a Dad who was both farmer and a regular face on the telly, I guess my family seems drawn to it. It was not just the appearing I got to like, I became fascinated by the filming and editing process - something I had witnessed on countless TV shows and feature films I had worked on but had no hands-on experience of. So as my enthusiasm grew, I started loading too much into our editorial department’s inbox and it got to a point where I was really hogging our channels. So much so that ‘Team Journal’ diplomatically suggested maybe some form of funnel for me… This, and that Donald Trump thing I made, helped the Spitfire ’spin off’ channel become a reality.

So I’ve started my own YouTube channel documenting my life as a media composer, a director of an ever-growing tech enterprise, and as a W.I.L.L.I.E. which stands for “Work In London, Live In Edinburgh” (yes, there’s lots of us, and we recognise each other on planes and trains….. like dogs). In our tenth year of operations I also felt that we had some really interesting stuff ahead and it would be a shame not to document it and really open the doors of Spitfire up to our amazingly loyal and supportive user base. I’ve already had some lovely feedback for my first videos, which is really encouraging me to keep going. I’m still working on the format, and cameras and editing is a very steep learning curve for me. My ambition is for it to be a home of little nuggets of behind the scene action, thoughts and tips on composition, some tutorials that won’t fit on Spitfire’s channel and maybe some slightly more long form versions of what goes on in the mothership. I guess another fascination for me is Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how people with NPD infest show business leading to all sorts of abuse and exploitation of people in our field. I have done a lot of study and I look forward to discussing that more so that people can avoid the hellish experiences I’ve had. I guess my kicking-off point was the Trump piece!

So if that’s of interest, hit like, and if you’re new to the channel, hit subscribe, and for any relevant links, check out the video description box below the movie. You folks will decided whether as spin-offs are concerned this is a Frasier, or a Joey (I think I’ve excluded everyone under 40 years old with that middle aged reference!).

Best wishes and thanks again for your words of support.