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Breaking Into Media Composition

PART 2 of 3

For those of you unfamiliar with Christian’s vlog, he often uses a morning walk with his dog to break into extended monologues, and sometimes diatribes about working in the media composition business. Having scored around 50 feature films and over 100 TV shows, Christian takes previous experience and an observation of today’s industry to make suggestions on how you can break into this competitive career. Whilst he offers up many strategies and ideas, one certainty is: be prepared for a long haul.

CH’s top ten tips to break the film / tv market

10. Film composition is two jobs: Writing some notes + Being a head of department (HOD).
09. In order to ‘graduate’ as a good HOD requires time and experience.
08. Learn Pro Tools and become a ninja at it.
07. Producers looking to hire are primarily looking for experience over and above talent.
06. Enjoy the journey as you never arrive.
05. Go with where your happiness flows.
04. The only thing you shouldn’t be surprised by is that your career path will surprise you.
03. Don’t expect other people to value your music, if you yourself don’t value it. (Don’t work for free!)
02. Directors are like racing drivers, it’s unlikely that when they move into Formula 1 that they can take you with them.
01. Be great to be around, and look after yourself.

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Here’s two more monologues: First is PART 1 of this trilogy of videos in which Christian describes his own journey into the business, the other is where he discusses what you should expect to earn.