Oliver Patrice Weder - 'A Tear Drops Pt.2'

LIVE - Featuring the London Contemporary Orchestra

We were lucky to have the London Contemporary Orchestra pay us a visit recently to record a reimagined version of Oliver’s composition, ‘A Tear Drops Part 2.’ Live.

This piece was first written by Oliver using the London Contemporary Orchestra Strings library to showcase the samples, and how they can be used alongside other libraries.

During our 10th Anniversary Pop Up in London, Oliver and the LCO teamed up to for a small Q&A with a very lucky few. During the workshop, Oliver talked about composition, and how he used the LCO library in his writing. Rob Ames from the LCO explained how some of some these samples were created, giving a brief insight into how the LCO extended techniques are imagined and then crafted.

With the success of the Q&A, we decided to get everyone back together at Spitfire HQ to work on a live recorded version of Oli’s composition. Oliver was able to delve back into his piece, working with the LCO players,  to notate and score the string techniques he had written using the library. From this workshopping the group were able to add the artful and intriguing techniques that represent the LCO sound, embellishing what was already written by Oliver using the Spitfire library. Homay then introduced an electronic edge, using a Moogerfooger to play around with the sounds of Spitfire libraries N7 Vintage Keys and Glass & Steel.

Oliver’s original ‘A Tear Drops Part 2’ was created as a contextual demo using the London Contemporary Orchestra Strings library.

As some of you may know, we are sprucing up the studios here at Spitfire, meaning that this is the first of many performances you’ll be seeing from our HQ!